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Quick Spearman Rules Question

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Hey All! Ok, my question. now, i realize that High Elf spearmen can fight in 3 ranks when not charging. which means that they can fight in 2 ranks when charging. so,my question is when a spearman unit is reduced to having only 2 ranks left(1st rank and 2nd rank) do both ranks fight on the charge? i personally think they would, but one of my friends said they shouldnt because they fight in one less rank on the charge and so since theres only 2 left, you only fight in 1 rank. now whos right, me or him? thanks ahead of time for any help!
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as you said they fight in two ranks when charging. That there are no other elves behind them does not mather. IMHO

Good Hunting!
true... my frind plays high elves and we called GW (me saying they COULD do it oddly...)
Heh, thats dumb. Tell him to stop trying to find picky loopholes, I'd just laugh if my friend said that.

Its one less than normally allowed, so 3 is normally allowed for HE then on charge 2 are allowed.
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