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Radiant gem of Hoeth - seer combo

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Is the radiant gem of hoeth - Seer combo on a prince legal?

Army builder 3 says it's not but I hear is legal and fairly common.

I guess it comes down to the terminology. The gem make you a wizard and the seer option can only be taken by mages.

If it's legal I want to use it. It would kick ass!!!!!
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it is TECHNICALLY legal cus rgoh makes him a lv 1 wizard, i think what this comes down to is does he count as a mage or just a wizard?, see grouped in with this question should be if he counts as a mage then does he get dispell magic and the +1 to dispell . it stands to reason that he can and most opponents will let you so jus be sure to ask unless theres a faq....

ihave to disagree with you about it kicking ass cus it is gonna be 75 points and you havn't gotten him anythin else yet, so unless you've got some magor mage support for him it's not worth 75 points for a guy that will hardly ever get his spell off
its legal but its a first rate waste of points. some people do it to get flaming sword of rhuin. .....but i dont think you should sacrifice 75 points for that.
A pedantic player would say that the seer honour says 'mage only' and mage specifically refers to the name of the natural HE spell casters, they're called mage and archmage. It doesn't say wizard only, and thats what the prince becomes.

To my knowledge there has been no clarification either way from GW, so it depends on who you are up against. I wouldn't oppose it, since it doesn't seem all that good, but I know a couple of people who would.
I know it's a termonology issue. However in the front of the high elf book (page 6 under high elf mages) it states: Archmages and Mages are Wizards and follow all of the normal rules for wizards. High Elves use the term Mage to describe spellcasters in general.

As for the points I think it rocks for the points. Granted 75 points is a lot. But tell me. What item(s) can you take for 75 points that gives a prince 5 attacks, strenght 7 and hits on 2+. That's pretty darn decent. Now if that isn't enough then also consider that this combo give you and extra dispel dice and a extra casting dice that your other mages can use after you get the sword spell off.

So for 75 points you get +1 attack, +3 strenght, hits on 2+, +1 dispel dice, +1 power dice.

That's pretty decent for 75 points. I understand the other argument that you used up most of his points and still have a rather basic prince but add the Helm of fortune and dragon armor with shield and a barded elven steed and he also has a 1+ rerollable AS. That sounds pretty decent.
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give you and extra dispel dice and a extra casting dice that your other mages can use after you get the sword spell off.
True, but against some armies, like Dwarves or Khornate Chaos, there is a god chance that you will never get to use the spell, and that means you have wasted a large number of points.
I disargee. I always take 2 level 2 mages. 1 mage with have the ring of fury and jewel of the dusk the other will have the channeller and seer honor and the silver wand. Then I use either swordmasters or DP's to carry the banner of sorcery.

So this with the prince will give me 8 +D3 PD. Against dwarves I would take high magic for flames of the phoenix and fury of kaihn with the seer lvl 2 mage. The dwarves will have 7 DD if they bring a anvil and will be more concerned with flames of the phoenix then with the sword spell. Especially if you cast it in the beginning of the game. And they only have 2 casting dice to they will want to make sure they don't let the FOTP off since they (probably) can't dispel it in their phase.

Against the Khorne deamons I would take lore of heavens with comet, thunderbolt, storm of cronos. Thunderbolt for knights and warriors (they don't have magic resistance) and comet and storm of cronos for deamons. It doesn't target them but a spot on the table so they don't benefit from their magic resistance. I think they would be more concerned with those spells.

Even if they do see the strenght of the sword spell and they dispel that then the combo will still be worth it's points for getting me the extra power dice and getting the enemy to waste dispel dice so damage spells get through.
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I use that exact same combo of mages and items but i tend to take lore of life on my mage with the seer ability and the other with high magic.The seer always takes Master of Stone .Its amazing at my local stote because all the boards have several hills on them.I find this the best combo for dealing with most armies.
I agree with Lord waste of points to take the seer radiant gem combo.
An interesting combination is to combine the Talisman of Saphery with the Radiant Gem on a Prince, and use Walk Between Worlds.

In combat, the Talisman nullifies the enemy's magical weapons, and WBW makes him Ethereal - and is therefore invulnerable. Of course, ranged spells, pursuits and dispel scrolls can all kill him, so it's really not worth it at all. :p
interestin combo and obliviously ya wouldna leave him in a position to get targetted by sed stuff .... could work perhaps a tester. how many points is the talisman cus if it's 15 then ya could also give the guy swordmaster
On what anacron said, if yuo took the radient gem of hoeth or even loremaster on a prince to choose the ethereal spell. This is reliant on having other mages as well tho but tyou could the nvauls unmaking the chractor and become invunerable that way.
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