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I got my first shipment from Raging Heroes second kickstarter, Toughest Girls in the Galaxy 2. The original kickstarter I funded is here:

I've only received 3 of the models I ordered, as the rest are listed as pre-orders still. I funded the $175 option to get the "freebies" box. The models are pretty good quality and overall I'm pleased with my purchase. some of the freebies aren't all that grand, but the models ordered to function as a cannoness or sister superior, look really great. Nothing was damaged in shipping despite their skimping on packing IMO. I am wishing it didn't take them so long to get me the models. The time between the kickstarter completing and me getting my models was a year and 4 months. I still haven't received the models yet that are to function as a battle sister or seraphim squad replacement, but I can wait because I know I will get them, soon-ish. Time between kickstart conclusion and me getting my models was about 16 months. The kickstarter was funded in April of 2015, and I just got some of the models last week.

The model I am looking forward to is the penitent engine replacement, the "War Pulpit". I can't wait to see what it looks like upon assembly.

All in all my thoughts are this of the campaign:

- Communication and updates were top notch. They posted an update and e-mailed kickstarter backers at LEAST once a month with status updates.
- Price point on the pledge manager after kickstarter was funded was decently priced. Full retail price is still worth it compared to GW prices on metal sisters, but a little higher than I'd like IMO, but that's me.
- Models are mostly high quality in terms of detail and are very light. Spin cast resin is the way to go.
- We finally have plastic female space marines that look great. Also, the terminator variant (knights of the chalice) looks great.

- Nearly a year and a half seems like a long wait to still not have all my models still.
- Future retail pricing on some models seems a bit up there. Throne of sentencing and war pulpit I'm looking at you.
- Pledge manager snafu occurred for me and some other people. Quite a few people almost didn't orders placed in a very small time frame. Deadline was extended to accommodate and I think everyone was served in the end. However, this could've been dealt with better since this isn't their first rodeo.
- Packing 15-20 models into a box the size of my fist tightly with a small amount of bubble wrap in individual zip lock baggies doesn't justify the price tag for shipping.

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I've also recieved my freebies (messed up an ordered one of the freebie sisters - so i've got a spare :( ). Cut it close with the pledge when I didn't check my email for a couple of days.

Resin models currently airing out. Not used to working with such spindly models, worried i'm going to snap something off.
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