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Railroad Scale?

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Does anyone have a clue which railroad scale works best for 40k? I wanted to build a railgun (like the kind Germany liked in WWII) that spanned across 2 or 3 rail lines as a objective. index.htm
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G scale.
Sounds cool. Be sure to post pics once you're done. :)
I use G scale bridges and fuel depots. They cost a lot of money though.
Yeah, G gague is lookin really pricey, one flatcar is about $80(US) and I'm gunna need 4, so I see myself using HO but building the rest of the platform and cannon at 40k scale.
I want it to be considerably bigger than that, but that does make me wanna use a modified Earthshaker cannon for the main gun.

Could make a smaller railgun out of it though. Like the rest Germany and the Allies had.
One of my game tables has G scale track running through the middle of it. It makes for some cool scenarios to put the G scale trains on it.

Usually an ambush scenario with one army deploying around the "disabled" troop train and the other army deploying on two table edges.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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