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Lord of Change Tzeentch's will, master of sorcery, Spell destroyer 665

Lord of Chaos Mark of Tzeentch, Staff of change, Enchanted shield 470
Disc of Tzeentch

Exalted Champion Mark of Tzeentch, 2 Hand weapons, 1 power stone 224
1 Dispel scroll

Daemon prince Tzeentchs will diabolic splendour master of mortals 550

5 Knights of Chaos Banner of Wrath, Chosen, Mark of Tzeentch 325
Full Command

Aspiring champion Battle standard, banner of the Gods, Mark of tzeentch 300

12 Warriors Chosen, Great weapons, Mark of Tzeentch 242
Full Command

10 Warriors 2 Hand weapons, Mark of Tzeentch, Full Command 220

12 Warriors Halberds, Shields, Mark of Tzeentch, Full command 254

28 Marauders Hand Weapons, Shields, Light armour, Full Command 221

2 Chariots of Chaos Mark of Tzeentch 280

2 Firewyrms Magical breath 150

12 Warriors Hand weapons shields Blasted standard, full command 280
Mark of Tzeentch

4 Screamers Slashing attack 132

10 Horrors Spellcasters, 2 flamers 200

1 Wargor Chariot, Mark of Tzeentch 210

12 Gors, 5 Ungor 92

16 Gors 5 Ungor 116

12 Warriors Mark of Tzeentch, Hand weapons shields full command 230


I think the battle standards points may be wrong as when i put him in i didnt have the book.
At christmas i will have this lot (i already have some)
Finding an opponent could be tricky though
I want to have a good seleection as in summer i expect there to be a campaign following archaons incursion a bit like the eye of terror.
I think this army will have 28 power dice.
A problem could arise if i came across a goblin army. 2points each...
Indigo fire should help there though.
Anyway what do you think is there to much big stuff.
I dont want anyone saying a greather daemon and a prince is cheesy because its not.
The background would be something like...
A champion summoned a daemon he actually managed to outwit a lord of change.
Got its power so was transformed to a prince and bound it to its will to summon it.
The prince is the general as he would have led the tribe.
Then the lord is there because a new chieftan would have been chosen.
Overall what do you think.
All comments greatly appreciated
Thanks in advance
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