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Good to see another Raven Guard player starting up. We seem to be appearing fairly quickly as of late ^_^ . First off, although the RG do have a distinct assault orientation, Keep in mind that they are also quite capable of playing the same sort of balanced games as standard Marines.

Now, our traits put a pretty harsh limit on the armor we can take, meaning you'll probably be able to field more marines than most other marine players simply because you can't sink too many points into tanks. Given that we can only take 1 heavy tank, and no Crusaders or Annihilators, the best choice (IMHO) for your tank is a Predator Destructor. Load it up with HB sponsons and a pintle SB and you've got a tank that very nearly equals a LRC for anti-infantry power. My own Predator has performed admirably every time I field it, even to the extent of going toe-to-toe with a pair of Hammerheads and somehow winning. :huh:

Infantry works pretty much the same as any Marine army - I've found that keeping my Heavy weapons light and somewhat concentrated so as to free up most of my troops to push forward in support of the Assault squads produces good results. RG Assault squads are powerful, but they'll still need some close-in support to do their jobs. Scouts and Bikes are good to work alongside them, and as with any marines, Landspeeders are always a solid choice.

HQ options are no different from the usual, but a Chaplain or Librarian with the right gear (most importantly a jump pack + Termie Honors) attached to an assault squad can be a scary thing. :D

The color scheme is quite simple, but it takes a fair bit of work to really make it look good. Basically, they're solid black armor with a colored rim on one shoulder pad (corresponds to their company), and white/pale grey for details like the chest eagles. Red eyes, White or red helmets on veterans, and their guns are all done up in various shades of silver metallics. You can find a close-up example and a full RG army in the last several pages of the Marine Codex.

As for stories... well, I've got plenty. My Dread and a Vindicator slugging it out at 12.1 inches (multimelta, aargh!)... The Predator vs. 2 Hammerheads... The Guard army my assault squads ate on a cityfight table... Kayvaan Shrike vs. 20 fire warriors... The fight with a mirror-image Blood Angels army that left just 5 men standing... The Assault squad that saved Santa... (long story there...) Lots of stories, my Ravens have gone through a lot. I'm getting awfully long-winded as it is though, so I'll stop at that.
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