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Raven's Talons

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Im trying to make a commander with lightning claws shaped like talons, you know.. Raven's Talons... and I need help on what bits to get, keep in mind I need it fairly light.
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Something like Necron flayed one claws?
No.. that doesnt work... its 3 fingers... its gonna look like 2 fingers, and a thumb that fits in between, and all shaped to look like claws
You could try the abbadon's talon of horus, either use it as it is (minus the storm bolter) or cut the fingers off and mould them on to the back off the hand?
What about the feet off a CSM Raptor? They have a sort of talon-in-power-armour look.
Well, after looking around I have a couple of ideas, links provided for all pieces:

A) Go with Cbrate's idea of Flayed One claws, I know you said you want a talon, so clip of one blade, glue it to the under part and maybe file or gs the area to make it look good and all. heres the link for the part:

B)Use actual talons, I'm not sure what they're from, but they look like Eagle claws though i think a little bit of gs could bring out the raven in them. Paint them metallic colors to make them look like gilded, articed works of beautiful death, as all weapons should be. Links: and

C) Take the Pit Slave Claw arm from the classic range, it has a talon-like look to it. Maybe clip off a finger to give it that extra touch. The arm doesn't look great, so you might want to find a better one, but the claw itself is good. Link:

D)The old Ork Bionic Claw arm looks good for a talon, might want to ad a thumb piece to it, but aside from that good. As with the Pit Slave arm, the arm itself might need a replacement, but the hand is dead-on. Link:

Good look with your plan, it sounds cool, post pics when you're done!
Hmm...well the sergeant of the assault terminator's lightning claws have a slight hook at the end of them, and with some creative shifting of claws and filing that could work maybe? Just an idea.

So far the pit slave claw looks the best... mostly because I have one on a model... and can get a good look at it, it will involve a lot of shifting to get it to look good on the left arm though..

the talon of horus might work, but then id need to order 2 because there arent enough fingers..

Maybe I could use the flayed one claws.. we'll see

The assault termie sergeant claws probably not, I woulda used the plastic terminator claws if I had em in the first place, Damn good lightning claws

As for the actual eagle claws, only the left one would work.. but they look too organic, and im not THAT great of a sculptor :shifty:

I would need a better look at the old ork bionic claw, I cant see the size

... and im not gonna buy a raptor to cut its feet off...
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