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Can any one show me how their Raviner i just saw throax mounted devoeur and ST,RC i just have ST(yeah i know but blah) so i was wondering if you can show me your pics..dosnt matter if any thing eles like RC or just 2xST i just REALY wana c 1 wit RC,ST,DS or a diff wep...any one?
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It says the guns are mounted inside their thorax meaning you don't need to show it unless you can see inside you ravener.......
yeah i asked the GW store if i can do that he said that it goes where one of the arms are... so its like

In fact iam going to call them now..XD

okay well i guess i have to show it...can't i put it like.... in the middle of his armor.. like the back of him wheres there is a gap in zae armore and just plop it there?
if you look closely at the chest of the new ravener you'll see 3 holes on each side, those are the barrels of it's thorax mounted weapon.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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