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First off, I should have written this a week ago while it was still fresh in my mind, but I'll give it a go now. And of course, I forgot to bring my camera, so it'll all have to be description.

Every few months I go to a tournament at in St. Catherines and it is a matter of pride for me that I take a new army list each time. Even if I manage to win overall, which has happened a couple of times, but not recently, I change the list or even the army for next time. In part this is due to the fact that 99.9% of my painting gets done when prepping for these tournaments so without the incentive I'd have a lot more grey plastic and metal.

The tournaments are judged on composition (which is a set scale so you can build your army and go to the tournament already knowing what your comp score will be), painting, sportsmanship, game play and a test of GW game and fluff knowledge. (Yeah, a test. Its not as bad as it sounds though.) The gamers ages range from the youngest being I think 11 to the oldest being in his 40s. There were around 36 players this time which made it probably the 3rd biggest we've ever had there.

So. After much deliberation, this was the list that I took. Its pretty darn unbalanced, but for the purposes of that tournament it scores a 9 out of 10 for composition since it has at least one of each type(HQ, ELITES, ect.), 6 troop choices and loses 1 point for having a character with over 50 pts of upgrades. Shrug. Its not a perfect system and I've certainly abused it with this list, but its what we go with.

Here's the list I took. All units were painted to at least a workmanlike degree. I'm no great artist, but I'm never ashamed to display my army. So, I'd give it a 7 out of 10 for painting maybe if I was judging it myself. Others at the tournament judged it higher, but thats more of a comparative type thing since a lot of the young guys have partially unpainted armies.


1 Arch Heretic with mark of Nurgle, CB, Terminator Armour,Darkblade
6 Nurgle Terminators with 2 AC, Icon, 3 Power Fists, Nurgle's Rot
3 Chaos Spawn

ELITES All Chosen in army count as 1 Elites Choice

7 Nurgle Chosen with 2 AC,Nurgle's Rot, 2 Power Fist, 3 Melta guns, Icon
1 Rhino with Extra armour, Smoke

5 Plague Bearers

TROOPS Mandatory slots taken by Nurglings

3 Nurglings
3 Nurglings
5 Traitors Lascannon
5 Traitors Lascannon
5 Traitors Missle Launcher
5 Traitors Missle Launcher


1 Sentinel Multilaser


5 Chaos Spawn
1 Basalisk
1 Leman Russ with Lacannon, Heavy Bolters(Shrug. Its what's on the Leman Russ model)

As you may have surmised the tournament is 1500pts.

Oh. I won't give any names out here to protect the guilty. :)

First game was versus the guy who eventually went on to win best general overall and who always brings strong lists. This time it was a Emperor's Children list painted to a high degree. Basically, he had:

A DP on steed of slannesh.
A couple of hth squads in rhinos, one of which was a host for the Keeper of secrets.
Two or three squads of daemonettes.
A defiler.
A squad of noise marines on foot.
And a predator annhilator.

The mission, however was pretty wonky. Most of the missions at this tournament are based on the terrain that is on the tables and as such are non standard. This one was a desert board, with only a very large oasis area in the center for most of the terrain. There were a few tiny ruins scattered here and there as well. We decided to call the trees in it level 3 area terrain to make up in part for the deficiencies in terrain and then read the mission description.

We were to deploy from the short edges and thus would be fighting over the whole length of the board being 6'! So far so good for me I think. My heavy weapons on the tanks and traitors should have a field day. Ok.

However it used a bizzare form of Reserves where our fast attack would come on the board in turn 1, our elites on turn 2, our troops and HQ on turn 3 and our heavy support on turn 4. And the game was only to go to turn 6. Sheesh! Who wrote this mission? Oh, and the game would be won on victory points, with added points being granted for being in the enemy's deployment zone at the end. Heh. Basically a mission built for people with fast vehicles. Oh well. Oh and infiltrators do not get to set up first but instantly infiltrate into their positions on the turn they show up. Kinda like hidden setup or an ambush deal. Not too bad, as my traitors will be able to do this.

Turn 1

So I won the roll but gave it to him, thinking that since there would be nothing out there to begin with, I'd be better served with going last.

Prior to his uneventful 1st turn, I put my scouting Sentinel on the board and starting moving towards the oasis. He had no fast attack, so on my turn I moved the Sentinel again.

Turn 2

He brought in a Rhino. I guess they must have been chosen. I have no idea exactly what they had, since they never really got a chance to do anything in the game.

Ok, So I bring in my Rhino full of chosen, and continue to move up the sentinel, this time moving into the oasis. The oasis is 12" across at this point, so I still can't see anything to shoot at.

Turn 3

He brings on his quite interestingly modelled and painted general(who I express my admiration of) and the bulk of his force in two more rhinos and a foot slogging unit of noise marines. Nothing to shoot at, but some of the rhino's pop smoke.

I get to bring on my foot slogging HQ, but don't hold out much hope of them ever reaching anything. The nurglings come on as well. Whee. However, due to the rules of the mission, I can now bring on my traitors infiltrating and I do. I put two squads in the oasis about 5" in so that they can still shoot out, one in a small ruined building and the last in my employments deployment zone to get a rear shot on a rhino and force him to send a squad after them. The sentinel move further into the oasis and now has a shot! The Rhino full of chosen also moves up, and I deploy the chosen behind the oasis. Mistake, but I thought it clever at the time.

All the traitor units and the sentinel fire at Rhinos! All miss or do nothing! Crap.

Turn 4

His Defiler and Predator come on, both near my traitor squad on his side. The daemonettes come in, but scatter badly, far behind the footslogging noise marines. They won't really take part in the battle due to the distance involved. The Defiler flames my traitors and mops up the remaining one with the reaper autocannon. Nothing else much happens beyond all of the hth marines deploying from their rhinos before the rhino's move. Neither shoots as they hope to be able to charge my squads of traitors. The noise marines shoot up the squad hiding in the ruins. Two survive the hail of shots(I was rolling a lot of cover saves.) and miracle of miracles makes their break check. His DP however, charges in and finishes them off.
The hth units don't make it through enough terrain to charge the traitors in the woods.

My Tanks come in and I roll to see if my Chaos Spawn are too stupid to move. They are of course. I put my leman russ on the side of the oasis where he can see the defiler and the predator and the defiler and I put the Basalisk on the other side where I can see the DP. The Sentinel moves forward, as do the Nurglings, my HQ and the chosen who manage to roll double 1s to move through terrain. Gah! Oh. And the plaguebearers choose not to show up.

The Basalisk has a bead on the DP! He's the only enemy unit the Basalisk can see! Instakill is within my grasp! BLAM! Scatter 6". Hit one of my nurgling stands. Bugger.

On the opposite side I manage to blow the battlecannon off of the defiler with my leman russ! Whoot!

All the traitors and the Sentinel fire at the incoming marines. After the laser show has stopped, we've managed to kill 1.

My HQ squad fires at the DP, but only three of them are at extreme range to hit. We manage to do a wound however.

Turn 5

Having seen me measure last turn he knows that his lascannons of the Predator are just out of range(at 51") of my Leman Russ, so he decides to move it up. However, having placed it in rough terrain last turn to partially shield it, naturally he cracks the trans-axle and the predator isn't going anywhere this game. The Defiler moves up and towards cover. The Keeper of Secrets bursts forth and moves into rough terrain, as do both of the Hth squads. The DP swings around to the rear of the oasis and positions itself to charge my squad of chosen, who haven't managed to move far enough into the woods to force a dangerous terrain check on him. Doh. The noise marines move up, but won't manage to do much.

The defiler is now in range to shoot at my leman russ, but my opponent is crestfallen when he learns that his autocannon doesn't have a chance of cracking the Russ's front armour. The KoS unleashes Wind of Chaos upon one squad of Traitors and four die an orgasmic death. Deciding that that's enough shooting, we move onto hth. The remaining traitor bails and the Sentinel gets charged by a squad of Slaneesh marines. The Sentinel's pilot does his bets, but to no avail. The Other hth squad shreds the last squad of traitors and the DP charges my chosen. He kills two of them and we do one wound in return which he soaks with his combat drugs.
The HtH squad that has shredded the traitors rolls 6" for itself massacre result and slams into my chosen. Awesome.

On my turn I move the Defiler to get a shot at the noise marines, the Terminators and Nurglings move up and Chaos Spawn finally get smart and come onto the board. Oh yeah, my plague bearers come in, scatter 9" straight back and are now farther away than even the terminators. The Leman Russ just sits there while I move the Rhino around to the side.
Firing, the basalisk of scatters again, but manages to hit and kill a noise marine while the leman russ immobilizes the defiler. Rock on. Two sitting targets now. Too bad the games going to end in a turn. In HtH, the DP and the squad continues to chew up my chosen, but 1 manages to survive, and in return crushes a marine in a power fist. Being outnumbered, I take a bunch of extra wounds, but make my saves.

Turn 6

Not much really for him to do now, except move forward. The daemonettes are now deep into the Oasis, the Greater Daemon needs the distance I guess, so it moves up to engage my last remaining chosen. No shooting except for some Blastmaster and Sonic Blaster shots at my terminators which kill one diseased fellow. In Hth, the last chosen dies most horribly and they use the considation moves to get some spacing for my return shelling.

I fire both tanks into the general area, but naturally scatter and manage to kill only a few marines. The Terminators and even rthe Rhino fire as well, dropping the one squad down to 1 man, whom I promply charge with my remaining Nurglings who finish them off.

Thats it. Not much of a first game, and we manage to finish about an hour before everyone else, quickly tallying up the points. Neither of us accomplished the mission, but he's ahead of me in victory points by 200 or so, so he gets the victory and I go off to watch my buddies games against their opponents.

The only real upset is that my buddies DE has taken their first loss in almost 4 years, which he blames on his mind being occupied with a girl he's seeing/not seeing. Shrug. I figure its just luck catching up to him as a Portal army even as good as his will eventually get screwed when the squad with portal gets killed.

Ok. 3 more games to go.

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Battle #2

Well, this is now even farther back in time now, but I'll do my best since I promised I do battle reports.

In the interim I did try and draw a map of the battlefield with a program called inkscape which I like but which takes up too much space to be downloaded at the moment. I've tried changing the pciture to different types, but the lowest I've been able to get it is like 106 K as a jpg. Any suggestions would be welcome.

2nd Opponent

Standard IG list with doctrines. I believe he took at least heavy weapon squads, iron discipline and sharpshooters. I don't know what other doctrines he took because nothing else came up. I do know that every unit in his army had the sharp shooter doctrine which I think was for the most part a waste of points on his part.

His army consisted of: (I may be a bit off here, because this is now a month back in my memory but I'm pretty close.)

2 Basalisks with indirect fire
3 lascannon anti tank squads. So thats 9 lascannons.
2 heavy bolter fire support squads. So 6 heavy bolters.
2 platoons of infantry 3 squads each, armed with lascannons plus command squads armed with assorted special weapons.
HSO who I never got to find out what they were armed with because they got charged and killed by my Chaos spawn unit.

If I've missed anything it would have just been more guys on the ground at the most because there were no other vehicles than the two tanks and I remember thinking that it was a pretty small IG list. Probably because of the cost of Sharpshooter on everyone.

Battlefield and Mission.

Impassible terrain (swift running and deep) river running down the middle of the map with one bridge in the center.

Two fords counting as difficult terrain. 6'' long edge deployment with no deep strike or infiltrating.

Gah I'm screwed!

Mission: Control the bridge. Whoever is in definate control of the bridge with a majority in scoring units on it at the end of the game is the winner.

Set up

I win the roll for first turn and we start plopping down models. To little surprise he puts his two Basalisks behind hills but due to the height of the hills(Lvl2) they will only count as obscured anyways.
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