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I Expect the Inquisition
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While sneaky gits smirk to themselves as they read the leaked Codex, I toil endlessly writing assessments based on what rumors have the most credibility.

Welcome back to my Reckless Predictions on the future of the IG (Codex unseen)!
If you've missed my other installments they are here:

Part One: (December):
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Part Three: (March) Tanks without Number
Part Four: (March) Fast Attack and Elite

Much more is known about the Heavy Slots than any other. In fact, very little is not known, so this is more of a predictive analysis than my usual Oracle into the GW Designer mindset.

The Heavy Slot (ZOMG! Bassie Squadrons!):
One the one hand, YAY! On the other, 5th edition LOS rules ruined the uberness of the bassie on most tables. The only way to play them (well) right now is to screen them with Chimera fodder or Russes.

Their very existence makes them the highest priority target on the table and a few autocannons will pop all three of your 375 point open-topped-squadron without a screen.

The Heavy Slot (A new benchmark):

Hydra: 75pts
Camo-netting cost 20pts
Hydra 3 12 10 10
Hydra Autocannon 72 7 4 Heavy 2
It is assumed each Hydra will have multiple Hydra Autocannon (either 2 Twin Linked or 4)
It supposedly has special tracking systems that ignores cover saves for skimmers and bikes going fast etc

This is the firepower-per-point benchmark in the Codex. I'd give up our entire set Elites to have just one extra slot for these. Yeah, really. In any other Codex this might be the no-brainer choice. In our Codex, it still has some pretty damned stiff competition.

That all being said, I can only pray to the Emperor the rumor is 100% true. It almost seems too good.

The Heavy Slot (The other artillery):

Medusa: 135pts
Open Topped. Can buy siege bombs for 5pts
Medusa 3 12 10 10
Medusa Cannon 36 10 2 Ordnance , Large Blast.
Medusa Bunker Buster 48 10 1 Heavy 1, Blast.

This might possibly be the model they want us to buy to replace our Bassies. An Indirect Demolisher? If you can keep them alive, they will ruin a lot of people's days.

Colossus: 140pts
Open Topped.
Colossus 3 12 10 10
Colossus Siege mortar 24-240 6 3 Ordnance , Large Blast
*Must fire indirectly*

Utter crap against pods and demons. Fails you on a regulation table when the enemy closes. An MEQ killer for Apocalypse? I don't see why you'd ever take this over a Bassie.

Griffon: 75pts
Open Topped.
Griffon 3 12 10 10
Griffon Mortar 12-48 6 4 Ordnance barrage, Large Blast

This is a bit of a tweener option. Not a good gun, but cheap. If you already own one (assuming you didn't already let your grandkids bury it in the back yard) it might be useful. I'd pass though due to lack of being anything more than MORE anti-horde for us.

Manticore: 160pts
Manticore 3 12 10 10
Storm Eagle Rockets 24-120 10 4 Ordnance 1D3, Barrage, Large Blast

Need to see the new rules to find out how many shots per game this gets. Definitely fun in Apocalypse though...

Deathstrike: 160pts
Deathstrike 3 12 10 10
Deathstrike Missile 12-unlimtd 10 1 Ordnance barrage, D3+3” Blast, one Use only
Special Rules:
- Cannot be fired on Turn 1. Each turn roll a D6, weapon can be fired on a 6. Modifiers: +1 per turn, -1 for each crew stunned or weapon destroyed results sustained. Can always be fired on the roll of a natural 6.
- Any weapon destroyed results received are ignored, the only effect they have is to delay the launch.
- Hits on vehicles in the area of the Deathstrike Missile are not calculated at half strength but at S10.

Apparently this was left out of the Ork Codex.

The Heavy Slot (Introducing the star of our show!):

The Leman Russ!
A word or two on Lumbering Behemoth: "A Leman Russ that remained stationary or moved up to 6" can fire its turret weapon in addition to any other weapons it may fire - even if the turret weapon is ordnance."

Clearly this is a paraphrase. What we don't really know is if Lumbering Behemoth bypasses the Ordinance rule for vehicles or if it bypasses the defensive weapons limit on vehicles... or both. Folks want it to be both, but we still don't know. The difference in wording will make a huge difference in whether sponson weapons are useful anymore.

So they've given us every possible flavor of useful cannon. If you know who your opponent is going to be, you can tailor your six Russes and give them very personalized pain. (yes SIX, we need that other slot for other things or to save points, dammit).

...Or you can just skip to the end and pay 245 points for the Executioner.

Leman Russ Battle Tank: 150pts
Leman Russ 3 14 13 10
Battlecannon 72" 8 3 Ordnance, Large Blast

Surprising as it may be, but GW didn't actually screw us on this. The venerable Russ is still very playable, even with her nifty new friends. She doesn't kill Infantry like some of the new cannons will, or bust her opposite number, but she still does what she does, kill anything with a 3+ save instantly. Oh and the side armor upgrade was worth the 5 points.

Leman Russ Demolisher: 165pts
Demolisher 3 14 13 11
Demolisher Cannon 24" 10 2 Ordnance, Large Blast

10 points more and not any better. If you liked it before,you won't mind the cost, I guess. I never put these in my killer builds, some folks swear by them... YMMV.

Leman Russ Exterminator: 150pts
Exterminator 3 14 13 10
Exterminator Autocannon 48" 7 4 Heavy 4, Twin Linked

1) 4 twin linked? Really? AWSOME!
2) Costs the same as 2 Hydras.
3) If we still had drop troops falling all over the place, this would be a much better tank.

Leman Russ Vanquisher: 155pts
Vanquisher 3 14 13 10
Vanquisher cannon 72" 8 2 Heavy 1 +1D6 penetration

In a world where any smart player has hull-down, this is craptacular. I know you don't want to hear that and I'm sorry, really. I wanted this thing to be awesome, but the lack of an alternate ammo for anything else plus the cost means it is for exactly one thing: Killing Charging Land Raiders and Battlewagons. But other things do this too and more reliably. This things is still BS3. If it had a +2 on the damage chart I might think differently, but hitting only half the time and being subject to Obscured Vehicles rules means that if the single shot isn't a kill, this was a waste of points.

Leman Russ Eradicator: 160pts
Eradicator 3 14 13 10
Eradicator Nova Cannon 36" 6 4 Heavy 1, Large blast Ignores cover saves.

Tailor made to slaughter Firewarriors! Ok, it also kills everything else with a lower save as well, like Orks, Guard, Eldar, some Bugs... I really don't know about this one since you can buy two griffons for the same price. There is a huge survivability difference though. But if you hide the griffons behind another tank...

Leman Russ Punisher: 180pts
Punisher 3 14 13 11
Punisher Gatling Cannon 24" 5 - Heavy 20

In Magic the Gathering, we call this a Timmy Card. Timmy wants the biggest, baddest monster he can get and doesn't care about how much it costs. Timmy is often inefficient, but sometimes he bashes your face in. The Problem is, a true Timmy Card can actually bash your face in, this tank cannot.

The problem, of course, is that the stats on this tank look huge, but it actually averages out to being roughly the same as cheaper tanks in the list. This is a wood chipper on a tank hull. You get a constant stream of splinters firing through, in random directions, to little effect. It also has the Range of a wood chipper too. Which really hurts it.

Yes, I can give you some mathammer to explain it, but the fans of this tank don't believe in mathhammer. They believe they will sometimes roll 20 hits and 20 wounds in their lifetime. They want to pray to the dice gods and roll with a shovel. I say have at it, if that makes you happy.

Here is a brief tactica on the Punisher:
This tank is not for what most people think it is for. IT IS NOT FOR KILLING HORDES! Ok, so it does, of course, kill hordes, but that isn't its best aspect.

The Punisher is a Scalpel in a FOC slot full of Hammers. If an enemy gets a squad into your lines, you can't drop a pie plate anywhere, and you are screwed. But presumably you've whittled down that squad enough that pouring wounds into it will remove it from the board. Enter the 29 dice of the Punisher and 3 Heavy Bolters.

Leman Russ Executioner: 190pts
Executioner 3 14 13 11
Executioner Plasma Cannon 36" 7 2 Heavy 3, small blast.

I have to admit, the potential of this tank to drop five plasma blasts and a lascannon shot for 245 points makes the Timmy in me giggle with glee. GLEE!

Is it points-efficient? Hell No!
Is it super killy? Hell Yes!

Six of these cost you 1470 points. Worth it? Of course not! Will I take them for a spin? Of course!

Is this the ubertank for the Guard? Probably not. The closest competitor on the list is the Demolisher, which, in a pinch, you can use to kill a monolith. This tank has no shot at that but gains the ability to put more wounds on small, elite squads.

Nob Bikers
Anything with the Mark of Nurgle.
Space Marine Characters
Anything with Feel No Pain
Big Bugs

We are talking about a tank that overshoots with S7 AP2.

Granted, it still doesn't ignore cover, so the real point of this tank is to make 2+ and 3+ save enemies roll saves on a 4+ while wounding on 2+. Pretty much the counterpointe to the Punisher...

That being said, harnessing five angry suns has to be tried at least once.

I dub this tank, THE TIMINATOR!

Hellhounds are good tanks
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I can't wait, a friend of mine plays orks, and bought a bunch of IG tanks to loot a while ago, suddenly plops this in front of me, and I act as if I was 14 years younger! now it is actually going to be better than before(before it was a normal plasma cannon for the turret with 54' range, now 3 shots at 36= 3 times as good!)

I will have to use a executioner in most of my games(unless it's a special game, like a 10 vs 10 apoc battle against all orks)

considering that basically all vehicles(fast attack, and heavy) are becoming squadrons, maybe games workshop is trying to make it possible to play a armored company(for example, 2 minimal troop choices, and using that tank leader(hq choice who rides a tank with bs 4, and then maxing on heavy support, and fast attack, we could be seeing games with a lot of versatility with something like 10(hq tank leader) heavy tanks, and 9 medium tanks, and then some mechanized infantry maybe..........)

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Pretty solid assessment of our new tanks.

Personally, the best tanks imo.

1. LRBT no upgrades. Probably still the best pound for pound tank in the game. 150 points gives you some awesome mobile firepower (hell we can even shoot the hull HB on the move :D ). The sponsons are not worth it imho *unless* LB rule allows you to fire everything on the move, but rumors are pointing to not.

2. LR Eradicator no upgrades. This is a surprising underdog, but he got a big bump when they nerfed the hellhound. The hellhound is now a 130pts and has a 12" cannon :( Yes it is fast, but you leave yourself within melee/melta range. The Eradicator packs a 36" cannon that will destroy Ork mobs hiding behind grots :D It still wounds MEQ on a 2+ and with all the cover out there, you are not loosing much. But you still need normal LRBT to *keep the MEQ in cover*.

3. Griffion. It is cheap, low minimum range, and (is said) to have a special rule that allows you to reroll scatter dice. Hide two of these behind chimeras or LRBT and you are set.

Those are my top 3 heavies.

But the big question is, what will be the ap2 tank people go with. imo there is two options, a 165 LRD with no upgrades or all out Executioner with 5 plasmashots.... Will be interesting to see which way people go.

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I'll still go with the regular battle tank, and demolisher. Then I'll probably take like a hydra or two, they seem pretty cool. I have an old griffon, I used it once, I got to give it a try again. They're cheap artillery, why not?

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Man, are you crazy? Stop predicting and getting carried away by .exe as an ork commencing stompende in his shiny walker. :p

Mr Commisar to you
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I think he is commenting on the multiple new threads by reckless. tbh the name gave it away for me and well if i was a stick of rock id be guard through the middle (to carry on the metaphorical speech) so Im not too bothered.

I do think this is a good summary of the vehicles and I will just say the +2 to armoour pen may be a possibility....

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