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Rending / vehicles

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I'm a bit confused about the rules for rending on vehicles. if you roll a six to hit, do you get 2D6 armor penetration or does it mean something else?

thx for any help
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Not quite, when you roll a 6 on the armor penetration roll you roll another d6 and add it to the total.
The above post is correct. Hitting a vehicle has nothing to do with rending armour pen on a vehicle. Conversely, a 6 on wounding has nothing to do with rending a non vehicle/AV model.
Making rending more useful against infantry models than against any but stationary vehicles.

Which makes sense. After all, it should be easier for a genestealer to rip up power armour than to rip open the side of a tank.
Unless that said unit rolls really good - as follows:

Lone tyranid warrior assaults undamaged Falcon.

Rolls his attacks - gets a six and rolls again with enough to glance.

Holofields - rolls double sixes for results.

One dead Falcon.

Did I mention this was the last turn?

I lost, but it was still glorious to see.
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1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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