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I had just started work on a new army called the Zanatorian Machine Cult (a renegade cult that used AI and other forbidden tech) you can look at the army’s background here:

I was set on using a Necron army list and was happy with some of the mock miniatures shown here:

But now due to GW discontinuing all of its individual metal components I’m back to square one and am now considering an army of massive mechanical giant robots. There are 2 lists I could use for this: chaos or guard?

This post is dedicated to the thought of using the chaos codex for them and what could be included in the 1500pt army list?

The Defilers
I can remember watching X men Evolution after high school and one of the best things in the new series was the Sentinels shown below, this is basically what I plan to convert my defilers to look like similar to the one on the right!

Deamon Princes
I'd use Deamon Princes for mechs piloted by rogue techpriests using Inquisitor models like Tyrus.

Dreads are tempting but considering they can turn round and blow up my defilers at any given time it puts me off putting them in the list.

So what are your thoughts on my idea and what could I spend the remaining 750pts on that would fit the army?


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Awesome idea. There's been a few theoretical chaos lists that look a bit like that floating around the forums, but I think you're might be the only one with some decent fluff and the drive the actually make it.

Could be tricky to put together a competitive list like that though. I would use one daemon prince, 2 CSM squads in Rhinos, 2 Dreadnoughts, 2 Defilers and 3 obliterators to make it somewhat balanced.
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