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Representing the Fallen

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While it is not exactly the most original idea, I was playing around with building a Fallen Dark Angels "warband" for smaller games and I was wondering whether to use Chaos Space Marines or normal Dark Angels to represent them. There are advantages to each, but I wonder which would be more fluffy. Due to storyline purposes, my character is either going to be a Chaos Sorcerer or a Librarian. Either way. On one hand, I want a fluffy army, but on the other hand, I want an army that can actually win a few games once in awhile. In the end, the real choice is between the Space Marines as detailed in Codex: Dark Angels, or Traitor Marines aligned with Chaos Undivided.
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I would probably use the chaos rules, but use loyal marine models as I don't see the fallen having lots of skulls and the like on them.

Just make ure the fallen are painted black not green.
The_Outsider said:
I would probably use the chaos rules, but use loyal marine models as I don't see the fallen having lots of skulls and the like on them.

Just make ure the fallen are painted black not green.
Agreed. I have a few fallen, which i occassionally use in my BL army to represent fallen joining to an army (which I think is more fluffy than a whole squad going around) and I use the hooded and robed DA models for them
I'd say you could use either, depending on the nature of the fallen in question.

Some fallen have remained loyal through their exile in the warp, while others have inevitably fallen to chaos. Depending on which faction yours comes from, either would be appropriate.
Use the chaos rules. It stands to reason that the fallen would become more individualistic and skilled throughout their exile. Chaos can represent that with mutations and marks and veteran skills.
Don't use the robes, they didn't have them then. Make them all black and I would just use fallen rules (with cypher) because its cool. Personally I like it because I play DA and no one uses fallen so many of our special rules are for not
As we have seen in the hh books from sabertooth the Dark Angels of that time period had a very knightly look to them. With this in mind when i made my fallen army i took bits from chaos space maries and the new black templars, obviusly i had to do some converson work on the templar bits but in the end it was worth it. I used the chaos space marines rules, added cypher to the army useing his 3rd editon rules in the WD 281 and for my unit of auctal fallen i used some converted dark angels veterans. Just thought Id give my 2 cents on this subject.
I am building up a Fallen Dark Angels army myself. I took a page from the 13th Company. I am using mixed armour types for my marines. This is mainly to depict how far the Angel has Fallen. Those that remain loyal will look loyal, while those that have gone over to Chaos have Chaotic armour. I also kept the spikey bits down to make them blend better.

When I play a game, It's the Commander that will determine if I'm playing using Chaos Rules or DA rules. (In your case, paint up both a Librarian and a Sorcerer and then which ever Codex you use is lead by that model. Though for other HQ choices they should match as well.

Another Codex List you can use is the Lost and the Damned list. You can fill the ranks with Traitor Guard and keep the Fallen Angels numbers down.

I use the Robed Marines only to follow a DA based HQ as his Command squad.

I painted them up in a glossy black (they wouldn't fight much as it brings about unwarranted attention, though they seemed to have gotten more modern suits of armour) with boltgun metal trim on Chaos suits. The DA Symbol is painted bone (instead of red) as it really stands out and allows me a bright color to offset the black. I use a Dark red for hereditary markings and other ornamentation (Chaos Tassels, Auspex screens, etc...). Robes 50/50 Black/Codex Grey Mix.

That's my perspective on them.

Fallen Pics

Fallen Command

Fallen Command w/ Cypher

Fallen Librarians

Fallen Robes
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Can I ask why Cypher's armour is green? surely it should be black like all the rest of the fallen.
Somebody at GW didn't do his homework when he painted Cypher up the first time for WD. He still is shown as being in Green Armour with the Bone cloak. I have a feeling he'll be revamped and painted in his correct colors - Black Armour w/ Black Robe.

I have altered the meaning to be either an olive branch / slap in the face from the Fallen Angels to the Dark Angels.
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