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Hello LO!
It feels weird coming back to this hobby after so many years (well, not THAT many years if we count my half-hearted attempt at building a WHFB Empire Army at the start of 6th ed). I still remember my old 2nd Edition army of Blood Angels that I sold to a friends brother as I lost interest somewhere before the Armageddon-campaign started.

But since then I've grown older and moved away from my hometown to a city with a more thriving gaming community. So when a old friend of mine asked if we should give 40k a new chance a while back I jumped at the chance. Maybe not the smartest move since I tend to spend most on my cash on records, live concerts, beer and tattoos. But I felt need something more to do on my spare time so here I am.

The plan is to start out with a renegade-fluffed Imperial Guard at 750pts since I think that by the time I've acquired, assembled and painted my units, 5th ed will probably be ready to hit the stores and from that I decide what to do next.

Anyway, I feel that I'm starting to ramble now but I'll stick around, discuss my army lists, follow the development of the hobby and soak up as much information as possible. It's kind of like cooking; it is easier when you are prepared.
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