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I've been dusting off my tomb kings (haven't played them since 7th) and was wondering how the below list works? I've been dreading looking at my tomb kings (and even listed them for sale) as I'm pretty sure it's going to be expensive to get these guys ready for 8th. At the moment it's using the models I already own (I can add in scorpions, carrion, more ssc's) and was wondering if this list is still playable. Would my tactics be similar to last edition, try and shoot as much as possible then reform into combat blocks and flank with my chariots? Also interested on advice on what I would need to buy for this army if i build them up for 8th ed, I'm guessing a warsphinx and some necropolis knights but how many of each is needed now?

tomb king
sword of might
armour of destiny

liche high priest
level 4
talisman of preservation
cloak of the dunes

liche priest
level 2
dispell scroll
skeletal steed

tomb prince
chariot (no more chariot of fire? boohoo)

20 archers

20 archers

4 chariots
musician and standard

4 chariots (should I be running one big unit of 9 with my prince these days?)
musician and standard

5 skeletal horsemen (mobile liche priest behind my lines)

25 tomb guard
musician and standard
razor standard

1 casket of souls

1 screaming skull catapault
skulls of the foe

TOTAL: 2254
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