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Revised 2000 Point Jungle Fighter List

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My current army list is as follows, I have already biught about 120 guardsmen, 10 heavy weapons and 4 sentinels.

The Catachan 17th- the Devils of Death

jungle fighter
hardened fighter
drop troop

Command Platoon (HQ)- jungle and hardened fighter
Junior Officer
power weapon
storm bolter
carapace armour
melta bombs
4 guardsmen
mega vox
4 melta guns

X2 Fire support squads
3 heavy bolters

5 Ogryns (Elites)- can they have hardened or jungle fighters?

X2 10 Hardened veterans (Elites)- hardened and jungle fighters
3 meltaguns

X2 Infantry platoon (troops)- Hardened and jungle ffighters
4 flamers
2 Infantry Squads
heavy flamer

X2 Infantry Platoons (troops)- jungle fighters
heavy bolter
2 infantry squads
heavy bolter

Infantry Platoon (troops)- jungle fighters
auto cannon
2 infantry squads

X2 1 Sentinel (Fast attack)- hardened fighter, drop troop
heavy flamer

2 Sentinel (fast Attack)- drop troop

167 Infantry
4 vehicles
14 meltaguns
12 heavy bolters
14 flamer weapons
5 autocannons

so what do you think?
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It doesn't seem too bad, but I wouldn't overload your officer. Keep him nice and cheap.:yes:
Might want a little more plasma or other weapons with good AP. Another thing, i would give those seantinals HK missles. It may seem like a waste but they have the ability to take out heavy armour and other high tougness nasties from long range before they ever reach your men.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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