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Rhino or Chimera for IST's

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I have a rhino and a chimera, nicely painted up with all the FW goodies that can possibly be stuffed into either model. LOL.

Before I invest further, what's the general consensus for IST transport? Rhino or chimera?

I'm aware of the argument that:

Rhino for MG squads
Chimera for PG squads

If we needed to settle on one or the other, which is better?

I'm considering an IST-heavy army with GK troop choices in fast attack slots. I will probably settle into enough models to field 4 ten man squads of IST's. 3 will probably be mobile. It's just a question of whether my third transport should be a chimera or a rhino at this point.

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Cancel. I just noticed all of the threads related to the rhino/chimera debate. Sorry for the post.
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