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Rogue Trader

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Who remembers Rogue Trader? It had so much background! I've lost my copy but I have been thinking of some of the rules that were in it. Here are some:

Suspensors, as heavy weapons cost movement and so did targeters (1/2").

Stats for navigators, Rogue Traders and other characters

Random weapons/equipment (Space Marines had a small chance of not having a bolter).

Vehicle construction.

The mighty Defence laser.

The ability to combine basic mesh armour (save 6) with powered armour (save 3) to give save 2 for the cost of 1/2" movement.

Mole Mortar.

The Slann

No formal Squads, Army lists or Codex (gasp)

The original stats for the Land Raider.

Any other ancient rules lawers give some old rules from the ancient editions
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Unfortunately the only copy I have access to (my brother's) is several hundred miles away at home.

I do remember that there were stats and rules for all sorts of warp creatures like astral hounds, vampires and enslavers and for lots of alien things like catachan devils, crotalids (I think), some sort of face-hugger like thing (It was described as looking like a face flannel and liking warm moist conditions - like bathrooms).

There were robots! And dreadnoughts were just full armour suits rather than having dead people in them. The nids were a single race who simply had bio-engineered equivelants of the same weapons as everyone else. And the mutations random generation table was kinda cool.

Oh and the Emperor's throne was specifically where Nottingham now is (funny that) and Birmingham was a hell planet.
I certainly remember RT fondly, but the game was far different from what it is now. Marines had T 3, for starters. It did have a killer bunch of fluff. I would suggest perusing EBay for a copy, you'll probably be able to pick it up.
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