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I made these Rough Riders for my Guard army and I put them on motor bikes for the following reasons:
- Cool Factor
- My army think it's creul to ride horses because horses are a silly idea
- Cool Factor Again

They are made from some old chaos bikes I had + Cadian and Catachan Parts. I'm happy with how it turned out so please enjoy.
'Hello, i'm on a bike'
Side on
Sergent 'Wheel Face' Grogar
Drive-by Guardsmen
Other Veiw
Back Sack with a veiw of the imperial Eagle
Radio Face
The Gang in Action


EDIT: Please keep pics under 700 pixels wide, or in link form... TVM. -t.

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Are your guard traitor? If not you may want to check over the bikes a bit, there are a couple chaos symbols on the sides.

Renaissance Man
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Cool idea and execution. I guess youre not worried but those mould lines always get me. Must be the perfectionist in me.

In terms of cool factor they are certainly cool so you've acheived your goal there.

I think horses are silly as well. Im planning to make rough riders for my army by having dudes that are half guy half machine. Ie guys with wheels instead of legs. My guard are renegade so my tech priest commander does what he likes to his troops.

"Trooper, come here, ive got a surgical saw and some vehicle parts that wants to meet you..."
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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