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rough riders

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what do you think about cadians on marine bikes as rough riders and how would i go about converting them?
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I'm working on the same thing right now - I don't want to pay 100 US$ for my unit of 10 rough riders. But, then again, SM bikes aren't much cheaper. I've been looking to fantasy.
:wacko: I wish Rough Rider could have Mountain Bikes instead of Horses. That would be "Guardy"! LOL
check the lotr line, if I remember correctly there's some box that has about 13 or so riders of rohan for about $70, if memory serves.
Years back I made a biker for my Necromunda Goliath gang. I used a SM bike and the old plastic Goliaths to make the rider... looking back it at now it seems quite a poor job but I was just starting out at conversions back then.

The thing I found the most difficult to get right was the foot pedal area. Basically a man looks small on a bike made for a 7 foot tall Space Marine! There is no way around this unless you are prepared to extensively modify the bike.

I'd recommend cutting off the armour from the front wheel and not using the handlebar shielding armour (or at least using something that looks weaker)

Even then the bike will still look big for the guardsman rider.

GW UK (or US - can't remember which) had a Konversion Klinic article to make an IG biker from a jetbike or something. It looked really cool. Check that out if you want to make a (cheaper?) roughrider.
This article: Cadian Rough Riders. The conversion as listed is stupidly expensive though as they take every single part from various sprues. If I were to build a similar bike I'd buy the jetbikes and wheels and build everything else from scratch. I use cadian models so I have the bits for the rider and headlight anyway. Someone with catachans have to find an alternate lamp but how hard can it be? :D

that's for a Rohan army box, 18 horsemen for less then the cost of 8 rough riders :yes: You could easily covert them into whatever tickles your fancy with some sprue swapping, and then you're done. And it also comes with a bunch of guys you could convert into feral guardsmen. There's also another box set that sells 6 riders of $25 I think, but this is kinda the better deal.
The problem is that while warhammer/40k is heroic 28mm (or somesuch) LotR is in 25mm... They are quite significantly smaller.
are they? I never even bothered to check that... whoops.
when i made my rough riders, i wanted something vicious and savage looking.;.. so i converted regualr cadian guardsmen into riders using chaos warhounds as mounts and various skeleton spearmen bits to add flavor, they came out fairly bad-ass
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