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Round 1:

Scenario: Battleline
First Turn: Polaria
Deployment Zone: Top


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SomethingWicked... (3000 points)

Lord – 478points
General ”Skullhorn” Beastlord,Armour of Silvered Steel,
Talisman of Preservation, Additional Hand Weapon 243points

Great Bray Shaman “Skull-Gave” – Lore of Death; Lvl 4 294points
Pelt of Shadowgave, Jagged Dagger,Additional Hand Weapon

Heroes - 589 points
Wargor “Stronghoof” Battle Standard Bearer, Gnarled Hide, 204 points
Heavy Armor (3+ armor), Beast Banner

Bray Shaman “One-Eye” – Lore of Shadows; lvl 2, Shard of Herdstone 160 points

Bray Shaman “Devilhoof” – Lore of Shadows, lvl 2, Chalice of Dark Rain 150points

Bray Shaman “Ramsmight” – Lore of Shadows 75 points

Core - 746 points
Gor Herd “Stomping Stags” 401points
• 47 Gors , Full Command, Additional Hand Weapons

Ungor RaiderHerd 30points
• 5 Ungor Raiders

UngorRaider Herd 30points
• 5 Ungor Raiders

Ungor Herd ”Black Band” 285 points
• 54 Ungor , Full Command

Special - 678 points
Bestigor Herd “Headtakers” 568 points
• 44 Bestigors, Full Command , Banner of Eternal Flame
Razorgor 55points
Razorgor 55points
Rare - 450points
”Jolly Blue” Giant 225points

”Gentle Blue” Giant 225points

ARMY TOTAL: 3,000 points

Spells after some have been switched for Signature spell (S)

Spells Rolled in order:
lv4 - 2, 3, 4, 6
lv2 - S, 4
lv2 -2 - S, 3
lv1 - S

Deployment and tactics:

Shard of Herdstone goes in the small forest in middle of top deployment zone and three smaller bray-shamans will be around it. The Stomping Stags will be directly in front of them with BSB attached. Left of them will be Headtakers with General Skullhorn attached. Black Band will be right of them with Skull-Gave attached. All the chaff (Raiders, Razorgor and Giants will be in the left flank, leaving the area on the other side of the bridge and the river bed on my right flank empty.

Tactics will be simple: Skull-Gave will make good use of additional power dice and Deathmagic opponents characters to death while the smaller shamans will spam Miasma to rob the Dwarves movement, weapon skill and ballistic skill. The three big blocks of infantry will stay within BSB reach for morale rerolls and march their way towards the enemy ranks while chaff will go around the flanks and kill his warmachines and any other lone straglers at the back. Opponent wll either waste his cannon shots at lone psychopiggies or giants or lose the cannons and have giants at his flank. The central three infantry blocks will go ahead and charge anything that meets them trusting that miasma will rob the enemy of movement and thus making it impossible for them to avoid being charged while the Primal Fury will assure the upper hand in melee. With deathmagic killing enemy characters any melee should be just mopping up action anyway


The Grudge Settlers

Lord Flann Forgebeard
Dwarf lord with greatweapon, master rune of gromil, rune of resistance, rune ofpreservation, master rune of kragg the grim, rune of snorri, rune offire 261p

Runelord with shield, master rune of balance, 2runes of spellbreaking, rune of stone, rune of preservation, anvil ofdoom 438p

Runesmith with shield,master rune of challenge, rune of spellbreaking, rune of stone127p

Thane with battle standard, master rune of spite, rune ofstone, rune of resistance 165p

30 dwarf warriors with shieldsfull command 295p

30 dwarf warriors with great weapons, fullcommand 325p

10 quarreler rangers withgreat weapons 140p

30 dwarf hammerers full command, masterrune of grungi 440p

30 dwarf miners full command and steamdrill 380p

cannon with rune of forging 125p

cannon withrune of forging and burning 130p

grudge thrower with rune ofaccuracy, 2 runes of penatration, and engineer 170p

Deployment and Tactics:

A tough deployment to say the least, im much more used to setting up my own terrain how I see fit. Anyhow if I get the side with the brewhouse I will try to concentrate in that area as to make it much harder for my opponent to move my forces. If I get the other side I will try and concentrate my forces near the river as to make him lose steadfast on his units, I will quickly march to block the river with my units as best I can. If I get the dawn attack deployment then I will not know where my forces will go and therefore I cant really say for sure what I would do, only try to concentrate them as best I could before he assaults me in mass. My cannons will first target the giants as well as the stone thrower and then target the bigger stuff in his army like the 3 wound creatures ect. But I suspect the giants will take all my attention. The miners I will combo with the anvil of doom to flank a unit of larger creatures to try and ensure a flee. But I will not isolate the miners either and I will try and use them in conjunction with another unit, preferably I will roll for them to come in after he charges thus the steam drill will make it easier to do so (re roll attempts). He does have many shamans but I have a good magic defense so I'm no as worried about that. The rune of challenge will be used to throw one of his charging units off to delay his whole force from hitting me at once( I will use the rune in such a way that he will need like double 6's or some shit to charge). I will accept challenges with my champs first to test the waters if he declares with his lords first. First turn I will go for the rune of wrath and ruin on my anvil and go ancient power... its a risk but its my only chance of killing those pesky horseman b4 they have free reign. And if I get d3 then I might as well target the “special” non 3 wound unit “beastigors” or watevs. Runesmith in second rank so he doesn’t die. And thats it.


Please vote for which list you believe will do the best. Explainations are not required, but are a good idea. The two owners of the list are not allowed to post in their own battle. Please put all voting in either BOLD or UNDERLINE

Good luck!


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Is the map link the correct one or am I just not seeing it correctly? The map that comes up when I click it does not have a river.

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I'm gonna go with Something Wicked - the sheer numbers of Beastmen, together with spammed Miasma, I think will be enough to overcome the Dwarves. Grudge Settlers have ever so little shooting and they are going to waste it all on Giants, who are not the biggest threat in the herd. If the Purple Sun goes off on top of this, things are gonna get scary. The Miners might prove a problem, but only might, I think.

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For me this one's a little tricky, I know both armies very well, and I think both seem to be underestimating the other in some ways.

Particularly the fact that both seem confident of magic dominance, but with the beasts getting 4 extra power dice per turn (3 from herdstone and 1 channel on average), and the dwarfs having 4 extra dispel dice and three spellbreaker runes, I would say its pretty balanced. On pretty much every winds roll we've got balanced dice numbers. So I'm going to assume magic will do something but not a lot, both sides seem to have thrown a lot of character points into cancelling the whole phase out effectively (the beasts have level 4 vs level 2 dispelling and lots of miasma spamming, so should get something through every turn, but with the dice balanced and the spellbreakers the dwarfs can stop it being something really important).

I think the dwarfs made a mistake focusing on the giants, and would have been better off trying to cannon-snipe the shamans at the herdstone. But with the artillery focussed, we can write off the giants and razorgors, but the artillery will be mostly busy till the rest of the army hits combat.

In combat, we've got 50ish ungors, 50ish gors with beast banner, and 45ish bestigors vs 100 dwarves with great weapons and another 30 with hw+s. On average, the ungors will lose and gors and bestigors will win vs equal numbers, overall combat seems very close, with beasts having the edge.

However, although I think the beasts have a slight edge overall in the combat, I am impressed with the dwarfs tactics here, using mr of challenge to break up the beasts' line and the miners to flank, so overall I'm going to give it to the ​Grudge Settlers.

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The Cannons shooting the Giants are a problem, and that's a shame because even the Dwarf player knew it would take too long to bring down the Giants. I can't imagine that he'd pass up the opportunity to snipe out Shamans though, if the chance presented itself (sounds like it is). Having a LoS! to thwart you is one thing, but just offering up free Wizards, you just made a Dwarf's day.

Combat is indeed just about even. The difference is that the Dwarfs have the bonus either way - either locking up the river, or (if I'm reading Kuffy correctly) they get the second deployment and all cuddle up next to the Brewhouse. Very awesome from a fluff standpoint - a bunch of Dwarves hanging around getting ready to load up some Bugman's 10X when the drink-and-pillage Beastmen come tearing out of the woods to ambush them. Anyways, cool fluff aside, those Dwarfs might lose combat, but I don't think they're going to lose their units. That means it comes down to a trade off between the Cannons and 1-2 Giants or any Shaman who doesn't get his furry tail into a regiment.

Also, Shadows doesn't really phase the Dwarfs so much in this case. WS is a strongsuit of theirs, but unless you get them down to 1's they're still hitting on 4's, and they really could not possibly care less about Movement or Initiative debuffs. Purple-BowlingBall would be a game breaker, but the Dwarfs can stop that on anything less than an MC/IF. Master Rune of Challenge has a similar effect, for the Dwarfs though. The Dwarfs aren't going anywhere, and they're outnumbered - breaking up the line helps, but the best possible result would be to pin a unit off on it's own and then have Miners show up to keep it there. Otherwise it just forestalls the inevitable for a turn.

Still gonna give it to the Dwarfs though - I think the points trade off leans towards a narrow victory for them, since those Dwarf blocks aren't giving up a dime by the end game. Getting points a desperate sprint for the Beastmen, but keeping them is a leisurely marathon for the Dwarfs.

Dwarfs take the win.

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Beastmen for the win here

Dwarf shooting will make very little difference here, even used against Herdstone Shamans very little impact will be made with clever hiding, Beastmen have the movement advantage and Herdstone spam produces enough power dice to break through Dwarf magic defence. Buffed Gors will be able to eat through the Hammerers, Bestigors can deal with the other units through sheer hitting power. Dwarf Lord would not die the entire game however. Dwarfs would without a doubt kill most of the beastmen army, but the horded units will keep their VPs safe unless disaster happens.

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I think the dwarfs made a mistake focusing on the giants, and would have been better off trying to cannon-snipe the shamans at the herdstone.
Except the dwarves are targetting the giant!
I don't think that is fair. Just because the Dwarf player wasn't psychic enough to know there was going to be such a target of opportunity doesn't mean he wouldn't take it.

I also don't think it is very fair of everyone to say it is a bad idea to target the giants. Character sniping aside I would say wounding giants is a better venture than killing ~4 bestigors each turn.

The Grudge Thrower should definitely be targeting blocks though. That is a big mistake.

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As much as it pains me to do so I am ging to vote for The Grudge Settlers. The dwarves don't care about Miasma very much so they can afford to keep their dice to stop the Death spells. With cannons trained on the giants that pretty much leaves a straight up CC block battle to decide it. I think that the dwarves have just enough of an edge here to claim a small hard-fought victory.

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im not sure how effective the magic phase will be, but if thre's anything that comes through, it will be for the beasts advantage.

Both armies have several very solid fighterblocks, looks like a standoff fight to me. Beasts have alot of extra units, who tbh can only take out the cannons and anvil, after the giants have been blown away.

anvil and the miners might offset the balance, either the beasts will have lost more chaff units, or they lose an ungor or Gor unit in turn 5/6

Dwarfs win a narrow victory
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