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Scenario: Battleline
Map: ImageShack® - Online Photo and Video Hosting
Top Deployment: CaptainSarathai
First Turn: Polaria


lv4 -3, 3, 4, 5
l2 - 3, 6
l2 - 1, 6
l1 - 3

SomethingWicked... (3000 points)

Lord – 478points
General ”Skullhorn” Beastlord,Armour of Silvered Steel,
Talisman of Preservation, Additional Hand Weapon 243points

Great Bray Shaman “Skull-Gave” – Lore of Death; Lvl 4 294points
Pelt of Shadowgave, Jagged Dagger,Additional Hand Weapon

Heroes - 589 points
Wargor “Stronghoof” Battle Standard Bearer, Gnarled Hide, 204 points
Heavy Armor (3+ armor), Beast Banner

Bray Shaman “One-Eye” – Lore of Shadows; lvl 2, Shard of Herdstone 160 points

Bray Shaman “Devilhoof” – Lore of Shadows, lvl 2, Chalice of Dark Rain 150points

Bray Shaman “Ramsmight” – Lore of Shadows 75 points

Core - 746 points
Gor Herd “Stomping Stags” 401points
• 47 Gors , Full Command, Additional Hand Weapons

Ungor RaiderHerd 30points
• 5 Ungor Raiders

UngorRaider Herd 30points
• 5 Ungor Raiders

Ungor Herd ”Black Band” 285 points
• 54 Ungor , Full Command

Special - 678 points
Bestigor Herd “Headtakers” 568 points
• 44 Bestigors, Full Command , Banner of Eternal Flame
Razorgor 55points
Razorgor 55points
Rare - 450points
”Jolly Blue” Giant 225points

”Gentle Blue” Giant 225points

ARMY TOTAL: 3,000 points
Deployment and Tactics


The great bray-shaman will have Soulblight, Doom and Darkness, The Fate of Bjuna and The Purple Sun of Xereus. The bray-shamans will go with two times Okkam’s Mindrazor and changing others for Miasmas. Skullhorn will go with Headtakers. Devilhoof (BSB) with Stomping Stags and Skull-Gave with Black Band. Lvl 2’s will go with two Raider herds. Herdstone will be on the right flank, near the Wizards tower with Raiders and wizards nearby and inside the tower. Big blocks will be on the center. Giants and Razorgor will on the left flank. Both will be deployed as much front as possible to reach enemy early.


With first turn mine my plan is quite simple. On first turn everything but the wizards and raiders around Herdstone will go forward to get good positions for early charges. I will use Chalice of Dark Rain early to ruin his first round of shooting and should thus be in very good condition and suffer only few losses for coming melee combats. In combat Empire troops have the advantage of armour saves, but I have better stat lines on most of my blocks. Gors have T4 and with BSB S4 against his Swordsmen T3/S3 and Bestigors have S&T4 against Greatswords 3’s. Also, due to Beastlords Manbane special bonus against Empire armies and BSB covering most units I can reroll Primal Fury rolls and thus should have constant rerolls on to-hits throughout the whole game. Using Miasmas to drop his WS and Soulblight to drop his S and T I can turn those small advantages to wholesale murder. If I manage to sneak in Okkam’s Mindrazor to turn the otherwise modest Ungors into murder-machines, then so much better.

I see big points in his Knights and Greatswords so, if possible, Knights will be targeted by Bestigors and Greatswords by either Gors or Mindrazored Ungors. Fate of Bjuna can be used to snipe characters and Miasma (drop Initiative) and Purple Sun can kill whole units if opportunity for that comes. Pigs and Giants will either hunt down any straggling small units or join to help in bigger melees to earn some points while keeping their own safe from shooting. If I seem to hit a tarpit from Steadfast ranks, I’ll drop the opposing unit Ld with Doom and Darkness to force it fail the morale check.


Lvl4 - 1, 2, 3, 5

Lector Alvar Crowell's New Era Army
Here's my entry for the Votewar. Wound up going with Empire in the end. List as follows:

Lords: 604/750
Lector Alvar Crowell
Arch Lector
Shield, War Altar, Armor of Destiny
@ 304

Alchemister Drogead
L4 Wizard (lore of Metal)
Talisman of Preservation, Van Horstman’s Speculum, Channeling Staff
@ 300

Heroes: 260/750
Eddard Montach
Empire Captain, BSB
Shield, Armor of Fortune, Warrior Bane
@ 127

Richard Bakter
Warrior Priest
Barded Steed, Heavy Armor, Spellshield, Talisman of Endurance
@ 133

Core: 822/750
14 Inner Circle Knights
Full Command, Banner of Flame

35 Swordsmen
w/ Musician, Standardbearer
@ 265
18 Crossbowmen

Special: 1061/1500
39 Greatswords
w/ Full Command
18 Crossbowmen

10 Outriders
w/ Musician
10 Outriders
w/ Musician

Rare: 500/750
"Old Ironsides"
Steam Tank


Deployment and Tactics

Spells: SearingDoom, EnchBlades, GlitRobe, Transmutation of Lead
Blades is my go-to spell for the +1s to hit. Once battle is joined, Glittering Robes will come into play. Searing Doom is there for early strong magic phases, to add some damage - once combat is joined I'll switch to Transmutation on any strong phases. Prayers bounce between Hammer (Reroll Hits/Wounds) and Shield (5+ ward) in combat.

The Outiders will only Vanguard if he has Shamans on their own and in easy reach - they're quick and easy victory points that way. Otherwise, they'll move forward and towards the center slightly for range, and then target Giants and Bestigors.

Xbows stay put, targeting Razorgors, Raiders, and Gors.

Greatswords advance to defend Blazing Barricade, which inflicts S4 hits on any charging enemy in contact with it. Hopefully, they will also pin the enemy within the radius of the Sinister Statue, which has a 50% of inflicting another D6 S4 hits. Obviously I won't let my regiments into that space (marked on map), although I’ll pursue a fleeing enemy into that zone.

Swordsmen advance to between the barricades, defending the GS's flank and pinning anything which charges them into the radius of the Statue.

STank advances to cover the flank of the Swordsmen and defend the Barricade. Targets the Giants, Razorgors, and characters.

Knights work their way past trees and make a flank charge or drive to the back field to clear out targets there.

A 2++ Ward against spells should keep the WAltar alive, but he’ll advance to fill gaps, countercharge, and cover flanks as needed.

I think I was dealt a very solid defensive position which will punish him for getting into combat with my regiments. Once they're in, I think I can go toe-to-toe with whatever survives to fight my blocks.

Please vote for which list you believe will do the best. Explanations are not required, but are a good idea. The two owners of the list are not allowed to post in their own battle. Please put all voting in either BOLD or UNDERLINE

Good luck!


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I'm giving it to Lector Alvar Crowell's New Era Army . The defensive positions they can take will hurt the beastmen in combat and that will prove huge. In addition, the east Outriders can get at the wizards by the herdstone by the 3rd turn if they shoot the ungor skirmishers in the 1st two. That's an easy way to get a lot of points. That many shots should be able to get 5 kills even when the Chalice is on so I'm not worried about that possibility. Besides, they might even panic a couple wizards.

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I think that if the Beastmen can keep up a magic superiority they can beat down the Empire. But they are going to be up against Empire dug in behind fortifications as well as the Beast are the only side getting pelted by the Statue. It won't do that much damage but every little bit extra can help. If the Empire are able to get to the wizards in the tower that would swing things over to their favor. I think it comes down to the Beastmen relying on good magic to win while the Empire has more stable things to rely on. With a heavy heart(I am a fellow Beastmen player), I vote for The New Era Army.

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After reading the Beasts tactics i was pretty sure the battle was his.

But the Empire tactics are solid.

Both armies have good magic and good assault, the Beast support units seem easily dealt with as shooting is going to be hell for the beasts.
Detachments and the defensive position will make sure the beastmen will not win combat.

the New Era Army wins

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Not sure on that, but I think the Beastmen are too numerous to be taken out by shooting, and when they do come to combat, they have more numbers and additional support that puts them roughly equal with Empire, and if they can break some of the units, the day is theirs. Thus, Something Wicked.

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That and the Hatred the Beastmen get will be pretty much continuous, and the T4 is always harder to deal with. The Outriders I think will have a hard time getting to all the Herdstone Shamans; they're all single characters after all, and the Herdstone itself provides some nice cover to hide behind. This can keep magical superiority up for enough time for the Beastmen to have had at least a round of combat, which even with barricades the Empire are fighting a losing battle in. Steam tank can just be Purple Sun'd, and the buffs/debuffs the Beastmen have will hurt the Empire.

That said, The Empire have some very useful spells (Glit Robes especially in combat vs Gors) and good tactics behind the army's plan of attack. However, in this particular situation, I'd vote for Something Wicked
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