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RPG idea

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I am about to run a D20 version of 40k. It's a good solid system for anyone who plays RPGs like D&D and have always been interested in the idea of a 40k D20 version. Anyways, I'm going to be running soon and would like to run my initial idea by you guys. All but one of the players are space marines from different chapters. They are:

1 Blood Angel who is going to try to become a Chaplain
1 Imperial Fist who is going to try to become a Chaplain
1 Dark Angel who wants to become a Librarian
1 Salamander who is going for more of a "Devestator" type marine
1 Space Wolf who is going for a elite scout
The non marine is an Demon Hunter Inquisitor
Keep in mind they are all low level, but being mostly marines they are initially powerful. Now let me get on to the actual fluff as this thread was intended...just thought I would give a little back ground info.

Each of the players are currently on planet Essex VI. This is considered by most in the Imperium to be a resort planet reserved for R&R purposes. All the players are there for their own reasons, be it R&R, stationed there, etc. whatever...that is for the players to choose.

Well they are meet by Commisar Ray, who asks them for their help as they are the only marines there at the time. For the past few months many people have come up missing, and a large Mutant cult has sprung up and has grown very fast. Commisar Ray thinks it's not a coincidence and wants this to get under control immediatly without calling in a full fledge marine force or inquistion force. He tells them that there was a IG garrison about 40 miles away that has lost communication from the rest of the IG forces and sat. feed tells them the garrison has been taken by a couple hundered mutants. It also seems they have help from inside, and that some of the IG men were mutants part of the cult as well. Ray's sources tell him that most if not all of the cult is located in that garrison base and now is a good time to cleanse the area. He asks the players to aid in the attack.

Now for whatever reason, the players should choose yes so the game can continue. If they ask their superiors as to what they should do they will tell them they should help in any way they can. So they players with aid the IG to take back the garrison and kill all mutants. Well I have planed that the inquisitor in the group will get a strange feeling coming from a few miles north of the base. They go and investigate and find a large stone with the mark of Tzeentch on it and it appears to have some sort of psykic shield over it to make it hard to detect. This is the reason for the mass mutations on the planet and the large congrigation to this area. This will come into play later in the game...not right now. As they head back to the city, they run into a snotling. They follow it back to a Ork field where many snotlings are growing a large batch of Orks up. They will surely destroy all the growing Orks, but they will come to find out that there are many empty Ork fields already, and tracks leading into a large mountain range. Back at the city they look from satilites and discover that many of the Orks are hiding in the mountains to not be seen until they are ready. The clan is Blood Axes, which is the reason for the tactics. Judging from the amount of empty Ork fields, they can onlly imagine that there is a HUGE Ork force waiting to attack


I have the rest of this scenario planned out, but would like some thoughts on what I have so far.
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you didn't use any second founding chapters why is that.
I am not the one who choose the chapters...the players choose their own.
It seems a bit odd that those marines would be on a resort planet unless it was to liberate it from an enemy of some kind. The inquisitor, maybe, but the marines would be wasting their time being there when they could be at the head of soem battle to retake/defend a vital world of the imperium.

That and I doubt a commisar would have the courage to go up to a marine, let alone a group of them, and ask him for help; even less likely the inquisitor.

Just so you know, marines only come in upon request. Not the beck and call of every officer that cannot handle a problem in defending one of the imperiums worlds. Also, why would these marines go in when a regiment or more of gaurd could go in, and the pdf are already on planet and are the size of two regiments as is.

It might be fun, I'd have to watch and see for myself, but the fluff of it seems very unlikely. You might want to give inquisitor a look into if you have not already...8)
Well first off as this is about a RPG, post it in the right forum.

Second, several diffrent chapters and one inquisitor sounds a bit like Deathwatch killteam to me.

And last, Space Marine on a resort planet? the better be a war or something on it because I doubt they get the time to go there with their 15 minutes of personal time.
I think this is a great idea, though not for a RPG but for a kill team kind of campain.
The fluff people will go crazy and it'll be quite hard/boring to play a marine. Their personalities are quite alike I reckon. "Emperor this and Emperor that. Oh, it's time to pray..."
I think you would have a much more interesting game if the characters were something like the last remenants of a Guard unit or something less bombastic.
I would also recommend you not to focus so much upon where to fight and whom to fight, but upon intricate matters. Who is the traitor and stuff like that. This will also make it possible for the characters to interact with people in their surroundings, I think that would be quite tricky for a Space Marine. "OK guys, just blend in"... They are afterall quite tall and augumented.
I quite like the idea of "Marines On Tour" on a 18-350"s holiday. I can just imagine the Space Wolf and Salamander marine going on an all night bender, while the dark Angel drinks himself into a depressed stupor crying to the Imperial fist. And the name of the planet Essex VI that just caps it all off (anyone who knows England will get the joke). Change it into a funny adventure and you have the basis of an absolute classic.
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