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Rulebooks updated...?

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Have the 40k rulebook or the Tau Codex been updated in the last months? With all the new rules that has come in Chapter Approved and such? :)
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I don't believe there has been any updates to 4th ed. but I'm not real sure.

Tau have had nothing so far, but they're scheduled for a rerelease in sometime around April.
Codex FAQs

I know the games workshop website has FAQs about the codexes, I believe to make them compliant with the 4th edition rules. Also, if the rumors are true, I think we'll be having a new Tau Codex in a few months.

Check the GW site for the updates, or wait to see what comes.

BTW- Check out the sneak-peeks at GW of all the new Tau units in their "Greater Goodness"

Good Hunting.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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