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sacred numbers question

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Well I was wondering, is there any other rule or advantage gained by the sacred numbers rule, other than the following?: For example, I have a death guard army, and the sacred number is 7. For each troop unit that goes by 7 models per unit I can upgrade my champion to aspiring champion for free. Are there any other rules to this or is this only one?

That being said my real question is do I HAVE to follow the 7 number rule. I just bought a pack of 10 plaguebearers. But when I posted my ideal army list, which was mostly in units of 7 models EXCEPT the 10 plague bearers, people critisized the 10 and said stick to the sacred number, even with the daemons. Is this because I gain something extra even for the daemons?(keep in mind they have no champion to upgrade) Or just because people like to stick to the numbers...

What it really comes down to is should I listen to them and have a wasted 3 extra plaguebearers that I paid for or use em all? cant hurt right?
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HeXsim said:
Are there any other rules to this or is this only one?
There are other bonuses, but the Free Champion is the most beneficial. Daemons recieve a bonus to their summoning roll if their in favoured sizes, meaning they'll reach combat sooner. Read the rules for each Cult army for more information on what favoured units do for you.

Now, whether you keep your Plaguebearers favoured or not is up to you - Do you want the chance that they are summoned earlier? Or do you want to have the larger pack size?
Ahh that helps lots thnx a ton. Guess ill use 10 for now and see how it goes. If i sometime later on make my army bigger ill just buy 4 more seperately and make either 2 units of 7 or 1 units of 14. ty much
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