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Salamander chaplain Xavier - why GW has no info

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I was looking for Xavier in GW store and pages and nowhere is any info on him. I know that model exists, e-bay has few auctions but GW has no info even in historical models section of theirs store.
Do you know why?

It seems that Salamanders chapter have very little attention compare to other chapters :-(
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He is no longer a valid model, he was removed from codex space marines (for whatever reason) and has stop being sold.

The short answer is that Xavier doesn't exist and is not legal under the rules.
Xavier's profile is in the old Space Marine Codex. If you can find someone with the old Codex then I'm sure your opponents will be happy with you using him in friendly games.

Just treat him as a regular Chaplain when you are in a tournament.
I'm sure white dawrf will put up its own rules for Xavier soon enough but you can still use him as a regular chaplain. Besides....his model is still awesome and can easily be substituted into many chapters.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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