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This is a strike force designed to bludgeon any static army into rapid submission, can also respond very quickly to threats presented by a mobile enemy.

Vulkan He'stan - 190
Terminator chaplain - 130

5 terminators w/heavy flamer - 205
6 assault terminators - 240

10 tac. marines w/melta, and rhino - 210
10 tac. marines w/melta, and drop pod - 210
5 scouts, camo cloaks, missile launcher and sergeant telion - 150

heavy support (he'stan being a master of the forge, dreads can be heavies)

ironclad dreadnought - heavy flamer, 2 hunter killers, hurricane bolter, chainfist, drop pod (locator beacon) - 205
ironclad dreadnought - heavy flamer, seismic hammer (w/melta), assault launchers, drop pod (locator beacon) - 205
Land raider redeemer - extra armour - 255

3 drop pods means 2 arrive on turn one, so the 2 ironclads arrive dead on the enemies lines (avoiding any melta or other such nasty weps), ideally the melta dread landing close to a battle tank or fortification.
my side of the board is one tac. squad with their rhino, and the scout squad, placed with a good vantage point into the enemy DZ. also is the redeemer containing the 5 terminators and the chaplain, which will begin to stampede directly across the board, deliberately attempting to draw return fire.

turn 2, 6 close combat terminators potentially arrive to reinforce the ironclads, or intercept any fire teams which pose a threat to the vehicles. the 3rd drop pod potentially arrives, with he'stan attached to the tac. squad, laying down fire where it is most needed (or right on top of an objective)

Thoughts? suggestions? any obvious flaws i havent spotted? :)

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heavy support (he'stan being a master of the forge, dreads can be heavies)
Err... no he isn't. He'stan is a Forgefather, but that's an honorific - he's not the Salamanders Master of the Forge, nor does he count as one.

Sorry mate, I think you'll need to re-tweak the list a bit. If you are prepared to make the Terminators all the same time you could have a 10 man squad and Combat Squad them, then use the other two slots for the Ironclads?

Other than that it looks like a fairly good list - but you definitely need to sort it out.

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Hmm, while being a proper list (that ive used in games b4) this was kinda an excercise in seeing whether people on a wider scale wud let me get away with it :D
So, revisions:
ironclad (as above)
6 assault terminators
5 terminators

LR redeemer

all im doing is dropping one of the ironclads (changing its arms to give it hammer, combat wep, meltagun, flamer + 2 hunter killers), giving me 200 pts left. thoughts on:

Fast attack:
8 assault marines - thunder hammer, combat shield - exchange jump packs for drop pod (add locator beacon) - 199pts

these wud be in the first wave of pods, with he' stan joined to them. any gd?
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