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I've made this special character, inspired by Davian Thule from DOW II, that specializes in ranged heavy weaponry (hence the inspiration...seing a Captain with a Heavy Bolter :sinister:).

Saluvat the Red Hunter (HQ)

Formerly Captain of the 4th Company of the Astral Claws, Saluvat has enjoyed his freedom from the Imperium's shackles ever since the Astral Claws rebelled to become the dreaded Red Corsairs. Although being a valuable assett to the Red Corsairs, it would also be of little surprise should he offer his services to other traitor warbands. His armament, Doomshredder unusual, for a Captain, but just as deadly nonetheless. Originally a Heavy Bolter but now via mysterious artifice modified far beyond it's original function, the terrifying roar of Doomshredder has left piles of shredded corpses of those foolish enough to be in it's aim.

WS 5
BS 6
S 4
T 4
W 3
I 5
A 1* see below
Ld 10
Sv 3+

Special Rules: Fearless, Relentless

Wargear: Saluvat is equipped with power armour, frag & krak grenades, Doomshredder and Iron Halo.

Iron Halo: It is a unknown why many of the Red Corsair Captains (including the Chapter Master Huron himself) have disposed of their Iron Halo's. Saluvat, however was able to preserve his, therefore maintain the additional protection from hits that are capable of felling even the toughest foes. It grants Saluvat a 4+ Invulnerable Save.

Doomshredder: Originally a sacred Heavy Bolter, now modified and enhanced further. It is rumoured that it's modifications were engineered with the aid of the Dark Mechanicus. Although what price Saluvat paid to gain such a favour from them remains only his secret.

Doomshredder has two modes of shooting as indicated below (one mode can be used per shooting phase):

Screamer Rounds
Range: 36"
Strength: 5
AP: 3
Type Heavy: 4, Rending

Range: 48"
Strength: 9
AP: 1
Type: Heavy 1, Gets Hot!

*During an assault, Saluvat can powerfully swing his modified Heavy Bolter, Doomshredder (see above) in a wide circle with tremendous strength, it's robustness able to shatter the bones of enemies lucky enough not to be shredded by such an armament's ranged capabilites; to represent this, place a blast template with the hole centered over Saluvat and roll to hit; all models hit under the template suffer Strength of Saluvat +D3 with AP 5.

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so a relentless assault cannon and lascannon that has special attacks in combat and invulnerable saves!

He'd want to be pretty expensive points wise!

I'd make him

5 6 4 4 3 5 3 10 3+/5+ inv

Rules: relentless, fearless
Weapons: Doom Shredder

Doom Shredder is a modded Heavy bolter that spells doom for any it targets
it may be fired in the shooting phase with the following profile
Range 36" S 6 AP 3 Heavy 4
It may also be used in combat and counts as a S 5 power weapon.

Much more in line to other Chaos Lords, but still different enough to mark him out

he'd want to be about 160 points, maybe more

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Fine. Let's keep him the way he was, would 250 points be fairer?

BTW Doomlord, good job with the Legion Codices thread...can't wait until the Word Bearers are done!
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