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So sorry it took me so long to get to the second battle. I didn;t get it done before i left back for winter track training (it was terrible). I had to find a friend to play along. Unfortunately, all my models are back home, so it was all proxied. Due to this, no pictures were taken this time around. For those of you interested in how the battle was set up, it was similar to the first battle. The major difference was that my specialist kit was stummers, and the brutes used Doomsday squad, which are both represented in the narrative. First I have some background about the House of Judico. Then, there is a narrative connected the two fights, the fight itself, and something of things to come. Enjoy!

House of Judico

The Judico are the original holders of Ash’s rogue trader warrant. Their family was gifted with this title after leading a successful campaign in a number of systems to quell a Chaos rebellion near the Maelstrom.
The House of Judico has a reputation for ruthlessness. They have no mercy for their enemies. They have been known to hunt previous partners down when they felt short changed and to torture them even after they are paid back. However, their brutality is not uncommon for the elite and despite all their flaws, they remain loyal to the Emperor, and the Imperium of man.
The Scelestus Guild, run by the infamous Forge family began to compete with them though. Although the Judico were far more powerful, and held all the rights, the Scelestus stayed in business by making more shady deals in the back. Fighting escalated until the Judico Partirarch, Raymund Tural Judico made a wager with the Scelestus leader, Guillias Forge. Raymund lost.
After the Scelestus Massacre, the Judico retook power.
The Judico are insane by our standards. They are fanatical elites of the Imperium creed. They represent the worst in fascism, bigotry, and snobbery. They are the perfect kind of family by Imperium standards. Many take enhancing drugs, bio-implants, bionic parts, ancient weaponry, and more. No two are alike, their only true thing in common is their desire for gold and glory in their family name.
There are 72 living Judico including those married into the family ranging from 215 years to two. Their symbol is the Black Snake, and their sole concern now is to reclaim their lost Rogue Trader Warrant from Ash.

Ash thought it over for a moment as the strange woman began to free Marxius and Hajj. A small smile curled on his lips. “All right,” said Ash, “I’ll do whatever it is you want, so long as you give me something in return, if you know what I mean.”
“You mean sex,” she said almost too casually, “All right. Shake on it.”
She extended her hand and Ash took it. His hand started to hurt under the strength of her grip, but he dared not show it. She smiled, as if knowing, and let go. “Here is the deal, I will lead these men out of here for a few seconds. You and your acquaintances get to your ship. I will see what I can do about a distraction to cover your escape. If I were you, I would not leave without me.”
“Sounds good to me,” said Ash. In his mind he was thinking, “F*** her, I’m leaving.”
The woman walked over to Urias and stroked his cheek. Urias and his men followed her outside as if in a trance. Ash would have wondered what the hell was going on, but he was too busy walking out the other door.
Urias Flint froze for a moment. “Wait a second…” He looked around to see that all of his men were outside with him. “What just happened, why are we… Ash!” He rushed inside to see his prisoners gone. Venador Judico would have his head! “Find him! Find the last Forge!”
Ash, Hajj, and Marxius waited in an alleyway. “Ash, if I were not loyal to your family, I would kill you.”
“You are loyal to my family Marxius, deal with it. Hajj, call Damian, we need him.”
“Damian, I thought you said…”
“I know what I said.”
“But we were going to ditch him here…”
“I know Hajj.”
“He was too ruthless, too reckless, remember?”
“Just call him Hajj.”
Hajj pulled out a small device out of his left shoe and punched in a few numbers. They could here a ringing behind them.
“So, I see you made it out alive Rogue Trader,” said Damian Cruz. His light grey skin seemed to match his surroundings. His power blade shined bright blue as he walked up to them, not making a sound.
Ash, “Damn you Damian, you freak. You just let us call you when you were right there?”
“Yes, I did.”
With no reply Ash turned to Hajj and said, “Call the others.”

About an hour later, Ash was accompanied by more of his people, those who had bothered to show up. Ten in all, they began to scan the streets.
Marxius spoke to the group. “The ship is close. No doubt the Judico have it surrounded.”
“Yeah, yeah,” said Ash. “Let’s just get there.” Ash broke his cover and began running for his ship, his crew trailing behind.

Urias Flint was shaking violently. He had told one of his masters, a member of the glorious House of Judico that he had captured the last Forge. If it was found out that he had escaped, Urias would suffer a fate worse than death. He knew all too well what the Judico did to those who failed them, and those whom wronged them. The only reason the Forge family had been spared was because their extermination was more important than the Judico’s divine punishment. He pulled out a package that contained a few vials and needles. “Here, take these.” He handed a needle and vial to both of the guards with him. They all injected the substance. Urias felt a splitting headache as they drug filled him up with uncontrollable rage. He felt his veins popping out and his muscles tense.

Ash and his crew sprinted through the small streets, keeping hidden. There were a lot of Judico guards in the way. However, they seemed dispersed. Damian noticed that some of the Judico guards were moving away, patrolling somewhere else.
They continued to creep along. More and more Judico seemed to be on the alert. They could here a man shouting at them all, “Find him! Do not let him get by you! Kill him on sight!”
Ash muttered a curse under his breath as they began to try to move around the guards. A few of the guards seemed to notice them though. They were coming closer and closer. Still, it seemed like fortune was on their side. Many of the Judico were now moving far away. The man’s voice was becoming more and more distant.
They turned the corner and found themselves face to face with six Judico guards. Marxius let loose a volley and fried five of them. The last one fell to Ash’s pistol. The Judico would soon be on them.
All the Judico were alerted now, between the gunshots and Urias’s yelling, they were all moving around.
Reality began to disappear. Everything seemed to turn into liquid as objects began to blend into each other. The Judico guards were thrown into disarray. A beautiful yet terrible voice seemed to sing to them, piercing them. They ran for noise, they had to find it. Only a handful of the Judico managed to pull away from the voice, trying to find where the gunshots were coming from. They were nowhere near Ash and his men though.
Ash and company knew nothing of this though. To them, everything seemed normal. They continued to run for the ship.
Urias was in full panic now. What had just happened? Was this Ash’s doing? Was this pathetic addict capable of such things? The steroids clouded his mind though. All he knew was that there were gunshots in the opposite way, and that is where he needed to go. The rest of the Judico seemed to agree.
Ash as his men raced for the dock. They could see the Judico trying to intercept them. It was going to be close.
Six Judico opened fire on them. Ash felt a shot wiz by his ear before it hit a crewman in the head. Two more also died to the Judico’s aimed shots. Three of them charged Ash, felling one more before two were cut down by Damian, and the third hacked down by Hajj with a crude axe. Before any more Judico could come, Ash and his men raced into the dock’s doors. They locked it from the inside and headed into their ship. Within a minute, as the Judico finally managed to get through the door, the Scavenger’s Pride was taking off.

Urias Flint stood frozen, watching as the engines of the ship became dimmer and dimmer.
“Urias, Venador is here.”
Urais could hear the his lord’s footsteps behind him. Without pause, he pulled out his laspistol and blew a hole from ear to ear.
Venador watched as his loyal subject dropped dead. “Coward.” Venador’s spiteful eyes looked up to the sky to see a dot of light disappear.

Ash was busy whooping and hollering at the top of his lungs, laughing like an idiot. Hajj tried to join him, but felt awkward, not able to match his friend’s enthusiasm. Damian shook his head and went down a corridor. Marxius was too busy ordering everyone else around to bother.
“Yeah, yeah! The Judico lost! I won! That b**** is gone! I’m still here!” Ash started say, almost in song.
“Gone, am I?” said the woman.
Ash immediately fell silent.
“You intended to leave me there. After all I did, you were going to leave me? I helped you escape, I distracted the guards surrounding your ship, yet you still left me. I thought you wanted me, my body.” She was nose to nose with him. She stoked his cheek with hers, delicately. She gave a shot, sweet laugh.
“What do you want from me?”
“I am so glad you asked,” said the woman. She was very amused at this point. “I want you to find an old friend of mine. I have not seen in forever, and would much like to see what he is up to.”
“All right, where is he?”
“Well, I am not quite sure of that.”
“Where is the last place you saw him.”
“Oh, the last place I saw him was at the galaxy’s edge. There was quite a conflict there. However, that was so long ago, he could be anywhere now.”
“How long ago was it?” Ash’s hand was on his holster.
“By your time, about a thousand Earth years or so if I am correct.”
“That’s… that’s impossible. No human can live…”
“You think I am human? You struck me a dumb Ash Forge, but not this dumb. You should probably lay off whatever it is you are taking, less you will be unable to face the challenges up ahead.”
“What challenges? What the f*** is going on?!”
“Show me a chart of the stars.”
Ash complied and called forth the navigational map.
“My friend is a very powerful individual. He is one of the few creatures I have ever met that actually interested me in this boring galaxy. However, to find him, we need to find another less friendly being I know. He is residing here.” She put her fingertip on the map, lighting up a set of coordinates.
Ash’s pistol flew up instantly. “Do you know where that is?!”
”Yes, I do. It is in the heart of the Maelstrom.”
“No, not even all an entire fleet of warships could get there.”
“I am not asking you to bring a fleet into the Maelstrom, silly, only one. This ship to be precise.”
“What are you, who are these friends of yours? Why should I let you live?”
“Well, since you ask so nicely I will tell you. I am a goddess and will be treated as such. We are going to find a daemon oracle by the name of The Eternal Watcher so he can tell us where my other friend is, who for now is going to remain anonymous. To your last question, tell me Ash, do you feel a little different, empty perhaps?”
“Maybe, why?”
“You made a deal with me. I take them seriously. If you fail, your soul is mine. In fact, it already is mine. It is inside me right now, safe from harm, unless you shoot me. I die, you become a hollow, gibbering, insane, withering shell of a man. That is, unless you do what I have asked of you. Then your soul will be free.”
Ash steadied his pistol. “If you are a goddess, then how can you die?”
“Things are not always as they should be, boy. Now then, I suggest you get ready. If you think the Maelstrom will be difficult, just try getting there. I believe there are some Orks, a number of mercenary vessels, and those Judico men you seem to quarrel with, who would all like to meet you. Good luck.”
Ash pointed the gun at her as she laughed and walked away. She pointed the gun at himself in a temper tantrum. “Who is she to… I’ll kill her… me… she… vicious little…” He let his pistol hang at his side. Never make a deal with a beautiful woman, ever.

There it is! So now Ash needs to forget out how to handle this situation. Feel free to comment on what you think of this story, and of how Ash should act. I won't do another battle without the models though. I think the pictures are too important, so it may be a little bit before the next fight. I'm going to try to start moving my paiting operations to my dorm room though, and maybe some models too. We'll see. I'm also studying abroad this coming Fall, so yeah... we'll see how that goes too.

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THAT WAS GREAT! I'm sorry i didn't see this before Daelrog! It's great to see Ash take my advice! Alright, Now Ash will actualy do what she says. Anything involving gods and deamon oracles im sure leads to some pretty serious power, power that could help Ash defeat the Judico, or at least let him live a life of luxury and such. So now he is going to make his way to the Maelstorm, but ask the chick how she plans on getting the ship through that warp space. Also, he should probably try to get laid, lol. 8Y

It's what's for dinner
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Also, he should probably try to get laid, lol. 8Y
Agreed. Too bad none of his crew likes him, and he has to go on a crazy journey to hook up with the self proclaimed goddess.
I'll probably be setting up the next installment in March when I head home for Spring break. The next choice is going to revolve around getting to the Maelstrom itself. He'll have to decide whether to go through Ork, Judico, Imperial, etc. territory. Don't know all the details yet.
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