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I've decided to finish the fluff for my Space Wolf army, the Scions of Russ. This is an incomplete rough draft and I would like to have the fluff masters dissect it and do what they want with it. Please post any edits in red so I can distinguish them from what hasn't changed.

And without further adeu:

Ronan Thuleblood's
Gudrun Keeting

Space Wolves – Ninth Company - Scions of Russ
Abocotian Outpost Reclamation
Segmentum Ultima, Eyotl system, Abocotian

As a young wolf, Ronan Thuleblood served with the ninth company on the eastern fringe of the galaxy. Whilst fighting the Eldar in a confrontation in the easter portion of Segmentum Ultima on an outpost moon called Abacotian. The 6th company was responding to a distress signal that the Imperial Guard detachment had sent just before being overrun.

The Space Wolves had fought with vigorously with little resistance when suddenly, when there just when the Eldar were about to be cleansed from the moon, several bolter shots and plasma shots emerged from the Eldar ranks and managed to pin and disintegrate several squads. Knowing the Eldar did not employ this technology, the wolves surged into the towards the Eldar, assuming they had used their trickery to lead a heretical company to do the majority of the fighting for them. What they thought were chaos, was a the loyalist Dark Angels, who had landed on the opposite side of the planet; the Eldar were fighting a two front battle.

In response to the friendly fire and the unsettling past between the Wolves of Fenris and the Unforgiven, the furious wolves launched an assault on their loyalist brethren. Amongst the quarrel between the bioengineered brethren Gudrun Keeting, the company master, and Ronan Thuleblood were some of the first into the fray. The eldar seeing their fate of opportunity, managed to slip away from the battle and let the marines deal with each other.

From that point on, the battle was at a stalemate. As one marine defeated another he was taken by another. Keeting and Thuleblood soon found themselves deep within the enemy lines. Suddenly out of nowhere, the Dark Angels company master, [Name], descended upon them with his ornate jump pack. Before one could even act, Keeting and [Name] were in an unstoppable twisting fray of armor and weapons.

Thuleblood saw the frenzy and charged to aid his comrade. As he closed in Keeting stumbled over a broken corpse and [Name's] power sword found Keeting's vitals. The enraged wolf threw himself on the treacherous Dark Angel and clashed for what seemed like hours.

Suddenly the Dark Angel backed off, out of range from Ronan who started to chase after him. Only then did he realize that he faced several ranks of Dark Angel marines and tanks with their weapons trained on him. One wrong move and he might as well not exist.
“Don't be anymore foolish than you have been, I attest we all acted out of order, out of spite. Return to Fenris. Your company is in ruins, I wish to not kill you.”

“Why are you here? This was OUR FIGHT!”

“I would have to assume that you intercepted a signal from this doomed outpost, we just didn't know of each other's presence. Now return whence you came This victory is ours.”

Thuleblood returned to Fenris, defeated and humiliated, and worst of all, alone.

He will never forget that battle and the toll it took on the company that he belonged to. He vowed to rebuild the company such that nothing would be able to withstand it's might. Just as the winds of Fenris rip the leaves from trees, they would tear through the enemy.

I want to add why Ronan's company will not utilize most of the common heavy weapons such as plasma weaponry, lascannons, and such. Heavy bolters and multi-meltas are still good in his opinion, only when mounted on a vehicle or attack bike, thus, Long Fangs aren't in the army. Also no terminator armor.

The army has a large number of blood claws due to the rebuilding of the company. The first recruits are now the Wolf Guard Leaders and Grey hunters.

Also, if you think the actions of the eldar our out of place, can you help me figure out what to change?

The location is near the Alitoc craftworld on this map.


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Space wolves
Great companies
great companies use the heraldry and name of their wolf lord

it takes decades to become a Grey hunter let alone a Wolf guard
a wolf guard are a Wolf lords personal Guards and leaders of the company.
and the SW dont use squads they use packs.
so if 2 old Long fangs are the only ones left in their pack they either are Wolf guards or wolf
guard leaders.

leaders of the 12 great companies are Wolf lords and the leader of the first company is the Great wolf who always uses the heraldry of Russ.

i suggest rereading the Space wolf codex and borrowing from friends or library or buying(if you want) the Space wolf series from Black library. its very insightful into the Ways of the wolves of russ.

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