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Scout HQ

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Can any Marine army use a scout type model as an HQ or attach an HQ to a scout squad?
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No, you cannot use scout type models for HQ, all HQ's have power armour or terminator.

Yes, you can make HQ's join scout squads in the game, they cannot be 'attached' as this means something else.
The_Outsider said:
No, you cannot use scout type models for HQ, all HQ's have power armour or terminator.
Though I can see a House Rule being used. No cost for the armour change. Character gets the Scouts Special Rules with the 4+ save. Can NOT take any Scout specific wargear (No Sniper Rifles). Some weapons in the Armoury would not available to the Character. Power Fists, Lightning Claws, etc... Basically, anything that would draw power from the armour (Look for cables).

As always, check with your opponent first.
In the Chapter approved 2003 there was optional wargear in the end of the book. There was a scout-armour for IC's. It's on houserule basis though...

isnt vet sergant naaman of the DA an HQ (even though it says vet sergant) and does he count as a special character. isnt he an HQ? anyway what r his profiles
ahh Naaman thats it.
I know the standard codex wont let you but im sure some other chapters with there onw have a charecter like this(Naaman).
even though hes dead..u could still use him haha (its in the fluff in his description)
oh, some one should make a dreadnought modle for him.

... or a zombie model:)
haha defintly a zombie considering that he was blown up in an ork dreadnaught explosion (i belive) and his body was never found
Veteraan Sergeant Naman is not an HQ unit. He is a special character upgrade for a scout sergeant.


He does make for a perfectly viable scout HQ as long as you add 13 points to his point cost in the DA codex. Technically not legal, but very well balanced. I dont think anyone would have much of a problem convincing a tournament organiser to let this slip.
I remember it said in a chapter approved for like +20 points you could give Characters Scout Armour.

Lemme look it up...../searching

Sadly its out of date.

EDIT: Allowed in fun games. No tournament.
It's called "artificer scout armour". 3+ save, no change in cost, must upgrade command squad to infiltrate ;)
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