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scout shoulder guards?

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i need ideas for these. i am converting scouts from empire militia models, and handi-work. are there any easy suggestions or am i required to pull out the GS? i am aware that th HB arm comes with a separate one, but that's only one. also, any tyranid bitz that will work will be ok.
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I think might find the differences in size to be a problem, as the HB arm may look way out of place on a Militia-man.
Are you using Militia-bitz to the scout-sprue or are you going all militia?
One idea would be to use some marine shoulder pads and file off the raised rims. That might be a little big, but could work.
to anduscassius: using all militia bitz. bolt pistol is an exception. i made one, and it looks pretty good.

to freaky: thought of that, but i think it is a little bit too big.
You could take a normal Space marine arm, without the Shoulder pad, and cut the top thingie of.If you have no spare arms you could quite easily replace this piece on the SM with green Stuff as the shoulder pad will cover it.
Then cut of the top of the militia arm and use the nice rounded piece you just got.

The tubings you make from guitarstrings.

If you have any powerarmour torsos lying around you can use the breastplate as a basis for the scout armour. Just cut of the belly-part and replace it with a little greenstuff square.
The back could be trickier though, if you not go for the cloak version.
If so you just bulk the back out a bit with GS, make them look hunchback enough to please the emperor, and make a GS cloak to cover it.

Good luck and plenty patience. Remember to let the GS dry between two steps. And it's always better to use too little GS then too much.
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genius? i think so. i think i'm in love.
just made this up, but here it goes. ther are three classes(no names for ythe different ranks yet). please give suggestions and tips on building things.

the younger ones only get sheet metal and leather armor. also, my scouts, the brand new ones don't get armor, only the senior ones(older dudes). all of these generally wield axes.(made of empire militia and extra bolt pistols.)

the seniors are mentors to the younger ones. most of these scouts wield chainswords, which the teeth are made of tyranid carapace. they get no modifiers for strength, but just more codex style.(made of scouts and extra chainswords.)

there are middle classed ones which use the equipment similar to that of the imperial guard. they prefer to go sleeveless so the tremendous heat that their body builds up does not build up over time and dehydrate them. (made from shock troops and catachan arms. just made this up and haven't looked at bitz yet.)
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ill psot pics of my lonely low classed dude. i decided not to put armor on those types of dudes, because it'd just be hard. that's a challenge for later.
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I like the idea of your low classed dude. Is the armour GS? whats happening with the arms? marine scout arms would look to bulky and muscular for a new comer wouldnt they? how about some Cadian arms? the are clothed but they could just be "initiate tunics".... even the cadian shoulder guards are small enough to pass muster. what say you?
ill post some pics as soon as i finish my schewl project.
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