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Scouts or Waywatchers?

Scouts or Waywatchers?

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Wood Elves have two great units: Scouts and Waywatchers but which is better. Scouts are cheaper points wise and can take a banner. Waywatchers have killing blow and are more expensive but have better deployment rules. What do you play with? Replies welcomed.
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i voted Waywatchers, not only is theor fluff absolutely fantastic, but they can deploy always and everywere. tThey can be so handy against ironbreakers. deploy 14 inch away and shoot, shoot 9we have a r ule that waywatchers can walk 5 inch and still shoot, just like GG despite their skirmisher state)since those dwarfs can't reach you.
The only thing is that they are rare. but he you can't have it all

good Hunting!
Thanks for the reply. Personally i like them both. Waywatchrs have lethal shot and forest walkers but scouts get banner of zenith.
waywatchers....thats what I pick. It maybe because my friends play brits and empire with alota knights though. Damn they can be a pain.
Thanks for voting. The no armour sva can be a real blow to units who rely on it, chosen chaos knights come to mind.
yep, true that. haha.
Can scouts defo defo have a magic banner, I never played it like that???
Scouts can have a magic banner worth up to 25 points. This was cleared up in the FAQ. I voted waywatchers, as they are so much better. Scouts only go in a list where the other units total points leave to little for another unit of dryads, but too much for anything else productive.

in the FAQ it only said scouts could use a banner not that they get to have a magic banner, my local games workshop says they can't??? don't no what to think
It says scouts are an upgrade. Anything that the normal glade guard can do, scouts can do also. They are glade guard that lose the glade guard bows, but all other options, being command and magic banners still apply.

My vote was also for waywatchers. Having said that, after the above post I think that I will be using a 5 man scout regement alittle more to see how they work with the banner of zenith. Knowing this makes scout a little better for me.

Shades are better than scout which I think is pants.
If you are playing vs Chaos or Bretonia or Dwarves who have Heavy Armour saves, then Way watchers are best. If you fight someone like orcs and goblins, then you might want to save that Rare choice, and take scouts instead.

Thats my view of it, since yesterday I had 9 waywatcher kill 3 Chaos Knights in round 1, wouldbt be so coold if it was only 3 goblins..
I voted waywatchers mainly because I feel that scouts are overcosted rubbish. The problem I have with the 5 man unit + banner of the zenith trick is that you're basically handing your opponent 200 free points if he has any quick units, especially fliers and fast cav, and they die easily to missile fire. Waywatchers at least get the additional -1 to hit from shooting.

As others have said, I think waywatchers themselves are only particularly good when they have juicy targets to shoot at, such as expensive cavalry units. They can also be all right in a pinch for charging war machine crews. I do like the march blocking effect you get from them, but do nearly as well with cheaper units for that purpose.
Waywatchers all the way. No minimal distance to deploy, -1 to be hit and KB as a bonus.
Seems like this vote was no contest. What I would expect, as I think scouts are the second worst unit in the wood elf list. But I do put them in lists occasionally.

what do you view as being the worst sir kently?
If I had to wager, I'd guess that he'd say eternal guard are the worst, followed by scouts and then treekin, although it's certainly possible that I have EG and treekin transposed!
You are correct swarm. I think EG are the worst, though you can still build a list around them. I have played leagues where I used them, and it is possible to play them, but it isn't playing to the wood elf strength.

I personally like eternal guard. I've tied up two units of Bret knights for 2 turns while i set up flank charges. Granted of course they were stubborn, and i had to take like 30 but still it won me the fight. Hit and run is fun but eventually the enemy will make it to your side and I like to have some eternal guard to be ready for them. "Oh they are just weak wood elves with no saves." Then nom nom nom, horses die.

Maybe not the key, but a good support unit.

Woah, I remember this thread from when I joined up O_O.

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