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Heres an idea for a semi competitive IG list utilizing 3 types of guardsmen, veterans, conscripts and regular line squads.... I am under the impression that many guard players fall into the category of upgrading the standard guardsmen too much and therefore losing the numbers hoping by mixing the worst statine (conscripts) with the best (veterans) and then some line squads in between, a correct comprimise can be achieved between numbers and troop upgrades...

treat it like any other IG competative list, if you think there are some flaws or aspects that could be improved, feel free to comment...

Iron Disipline
Close Order Drill

Command Platoon (JO)
Iron Discipline
Bolt Pistol
Standard Bearer

Fire Support Squad
Autocannon x3

Infantry Platoon

Junior Officer Cmd Sq
Iron Disipline

2x Squads
Missile Launcher and Grenade Launcher each

Conscript Platoon, 20 men

9 Veterans
Plasma Gun x2

9 Veterans
Plasma Gun

Heavy Support
Leman Russ MBT

Leman Russ Demolisher
Extra Armour

Points Summary:
HQ: 147
Troops: 291
Elites: 234
Fast Attack: 0
Heavy Support: 328
Total: 1000

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Actually, the idea is solid, and the list looks pretty good. I'm going to assume that with your conscripts you'll be keeping one of your officers close by to make sure they don't run.

The only things I would change really would be to change the lascannons on your tanks to Heavy Bolters, and with the points saved there, add HB sponsons. Your list right now depends on the pie plates to deal with large hordes. This is not a bad strategy, but with six more heavy bolters on the list that can fire when using a pie-plate isn't quite as prudent, you really add some serious punch to the list. With the lascannons and missiles you have on your infantry, I don't think you'll need the Anti-Armor weapons on your tanks.

Mr Commisar to you
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Lets have a look at this then....

Seems sound, is actually the best bit of your list!

Platoon seems solid though lack of weapons in the command is a little wasteful.
The conscripts are pointless. They are too small a squad and also have no decent leadership to go off I'd consider something different I'll come back to this later.

I can see where your goign with these squads but I dont think its a great idea. The thing is you have geared your whole list to get these two squads and the russes in thus neglecting your troops choices. Also it isnt a good weapons combo. To best take advatage of this put the plasma in one squad and a lascannon in the other, drop both squads down to 5 men. now take drop troops. This way you can threaten a drop plasma squad, which will be as much good as a lascannon.
Now you have saved oooo 89 points ish
Now with these points you can either get the conscripts a decent setup (ind. commisar and more men though youd need a few more points for that)
or better yet dropt he conscripts and get an Af squad with a lascannon. That way you have a chimera and a lascannon back possibly, again a few extra points needed thougha missile woudl do ok.

Heavy support.
I dont particularly liek the russ setup. sponsons are good and the triple heavy bolter setup is better. It might work though I personally dont think its a great setup. Also drop the smokes to add to your points pool. Or indeed put them on the chimera I reocommend.

What might also be useful is to drop the sharpshooters for a few extra points to go towards extra armour etc or even sponsons woudl be a much better choice.

Hope that helps

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