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Can I just say how much I've been enjoying the recent lore. I just got back into the game after a long hiatus and was really pleasantly surprised to see that things have been moving.

Roboute Guilliman, flesh of the God Emperor walks among men once again! Not only that but the legendary statesman and builder of civilizations has reassumed the mantle of Lord Commander of the Imperium, purged the Senatorum Imperialis of those unworthy to hold office as High Lords of Terra and has set his supernatural mind to the task eradicating the superstition and ignorance that have plagued Man for the last 10,000 years! Oh yeah!

Ever since I started playing 40K almost 20 years ago the Imperium has always been a decaying carcass, barely holding itself together in the face of overwhelming threats from within and without. But now there's this sense that there's a sober hand at the helm, and the divinity-kissed hand of a living Primarch to boot!

Moreover, Guilliman was brought back with the help of the Ynnari. The Ynnari! What was once distant hope whispered among the domes of crystal seers is now a bold battle-cry that resonates not only across the craftworlds, but into the lost corridors of the webway, and even the cold underbelly of the Dark City itself. And the call was answered by abstemious followers of the path and the unapologetic architects of The Fall - enchanted by the promise of freeing themselves from the shadow of Salneesh.

Eldar were my first love. And loving the doomed always felt like being strapped to a sinking ship. But now the sparks of hope that were offered to us over the years have ignited a bright fire! Ynnead even has an Avatar now! YEEEEESSSS!!!

For a long time it felt like nothing substantial was happening in the 41st Millennium. I'm so excited to see where these new developments take us!

What have been your favorite developments recently?
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