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Ok so usually i've been going for a BSB with spirit totem and a one hit wunda, but i'm planning to swap them for 2 shamans, i'm thinking going for a powerstone each and maybe a scrollm (powerstone just incase i get waaagh). Considering my army is offensive, what should of set up should my two level 2s be? should I not bother with them at 2k or what?

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This is the setup i use

Offensive Black orc Warboss
Black orc BSB with the spirit totem
Gobbo on wolf with one hit wonda and brimstone bauble
lv 1 night gobbo scroll caddy

This gives me 6 DD and 2 scrolls - just the right amount for me

If you want more magic defence, swap the gobbo on wolf for another lv1 shaman with staff of sneaky stealin. This gives you 8 DD, - 1 to enemy, 2 scrolls. A little overboard if you ask me (especially if you come up against dwarves or other armies with little/no magic offence Eg. Bretts, wood elves, empire etc etc)

I prefer my setup as it only takes one hero slot (not including the BSB), but it depends on who your apponents are.

I cant really help you with magic offence as i never use it with O&G, however i imagine you would need a lv4 Orc shaman.

Hope this helps
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