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Shaggoth or Giant

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So, I'm looking at maybe including a big monster in my list as I grow past the 1000 point mark. Something nasty to mash things up good and fight other big nasties.

By the looks, our two big monsters are the Dragon Ogre Shaggoth and the Chaos Giant. Not really going for a dragon because I don't want to spend the points on the rider. Ditto on the Manticore.

Personally, I like the look of the Dragon ogre Shaggoth much more. TBH, I'll eventually get this model just to paint and stick on my desk, probably. ;) But that's not the matter at hand.

Great Weapon makes him Strength 8.
Scaly Skin and Light Armor gives him a 4+ Armour save
Immune to Lightning and can gain Frenzy
More expensive

Interesting attack options
Can be marked for mild customization
Stubborn and Leadership 10
No save whatsoever

Tough 5, 6 wounds
ITP, Large Target, Terror

So, I want to hear your experiences, opinions and suggestions. Oh, and why not? Which model do you think looks better? :)
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I've been playing beastmen a lot lately and was running both together. I get back into Warriors and found they are slightly different and not in a good way.

The giant is immune to psychology. I don't know why this was needed, because its immune to most panic and causes terror itself and rerolls any panic checks at LD10 if it does get panicked. So that was a huge nerfing. Fleeing with giants catches people off guard. Now you can't. It also can't get an armor save and is more expensive. The shaggoth gets +1 str at the cost of -1 armor save, but he is cheaper than the BoC Shaggoth. I found that going from a 3+ to a 4+ made this guy die a lot faster than I thought he would.

But you really don't need to compare them to the BoC equivelent. The giant dies very easily and costs a ton. The shaggoth barely costs more than a giant, specially if you count in marks. That being said, I think the shaggoth is a better value. But it depends on what you need. If you are going for a slow army, then a giant getting stuck in combat for a few turns can be very beneficial to you. However, I think a faster army would want a shaggoth to combo charge with. Not much can take a chaos knight unit and a shaggoth at the same time.

And to be honest, out of all of our monsters I'd rather take the hell cannon.
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TBH the only bad thing about shaggies is their cost. On the battlefield they are very effective. If they cost more around the 225 mark I'd always bring one, but 285 is ridiculous considering that other monsters are a lot cheaper.
Shaggoth is a lot more maneuverable. And terror is HUGE. And he does't take up special slots that are used for knights and chariots.
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