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this is a campaign i wrote to be played by our group. The campaign is dependent on the armies in our groups. Please cmment on the balance and playability of the campaign.


The emperor has been over thrown in a bloody coup by a group of elector counts. All who appose there rule have been killed. Soon after this happens the empire launches a series of attacks on the dwarves and the Bretonnians. The empire launched these surprise attacks, raiding villages, killing peasants, shaving beards, and assassinating local dukes, lords and guild masters. The peace which had settled over the old world crumbled. In order to regain their honour and seek revenge for there fallen brethren the Dwarves and Bretonnians join together to attack the empire.
In Ulthan, the Elven seers see the state of the old world and advise the Phoenix King to capitalize on the disarray in the old world. The Phoenix King had been hoping for centuries to return to the old world to reclaim the High Elves old possessions before the time of the War of the Beard. The High Elves army has been weakened from recent raids by the Dark Elves. They send word to the Lizardmen that they need assistance and soon a invasion fleet is assembled to leave for the old world. Soon the fleet is near the shores of the empire.
At about the same time the Dwarf and Bretonnian war host has reached the Empire army and a battle ensuses. After the battle the Empire army begins to head back inland toward the capital.
When the Lizardmen and High Elves arrive in the Empire they find the Empire army retreating back inland. The invading army, trying to get their mission done quickly try and push inland, and are stopped only by a small group Empire soldier trying to hold back the invaders.
Soon after the battle a group of High elves wishing to take control an area with a strong magical presence. The area is actually a sacred site of the Lady of the Lake, protected by handful of brave servant of the lady.
Meanwhile the a scouting force of Lizardmen, hungry for battle, and anxious to help in the old ones plan, attack a empire encampment. The Empire soldiers are taken by surprise and their only protection is the mountain behind their camp. When the attack begins the Empires solider fight valiantly.
While the Empires armies head inland while pursued by the host of Bretonnia and Dwarves and the invasion force of Lizardmen and High Elves pushing inland as well, the Wood Elves have encountered a trespasser in their woods. Near the border of the Empire the Wood Elves find an entourage of Vampire Counts passing through their woods. After the Wood Elves ambush the trespassers, it is discovered that the Vampires are behind the entire overthrow of the emperor. The word soon reaches contingent of Dwarves and Bretonnians. At the same time, a skink envoy acting on behalf of the Old Blood leading the Lizardmen army, asks the leaders of the Bretonnians and Dwarves if the Lizardmen can join their cause. It seems that the young High Elf prince who has been leading invasion has met a mysterious human female, who has been spending many hours with the young elf. Soon after, the High elves decreed that the Empire were the real defenders of the old world, and that the Bretonnians and Dwarves were the invaders. After sensing a great evil influencing the High Elves, the Lizardmen decide to aid Bretonnians and Dwarves on their crusade.
Weeks later after countless small skirmishes and much preparation, the armies meet on a large open plain. On one side the tainted forces of the Empire and the High Elves, influenced by the evil of the Vampire Counts. The great vampire lords have called upon an even greater evil to aid them in the final great battle, the Tomb Kings. On the opposite side of the battle field lay the forces of the Bretonnians, the Dwarves and the Lizardmen. On that open plain the fate of the entire old world hangs in the balance.


1. Pitched Battle Empire Vs. Bretonnia and Dwarves
2. Rearguard Lizardmen and High Elves Vs. Empire
3. Sheer Heroism Bretonnia Vs. High Elves
4. Last Stand Lizardmen Vs. Empire
5. Ambush Wood Elves Vs. Vampire Counts
6. Pitched Battle Bretonnia, Dwarves, and Lizardmen Vs. Empire, High Elves, Tomb Kings and Vampire Counts.

Battle Outcomes

All outcomes are assumed to be in final scenario

1. empire win extra core choice up to 100pts
allies win empire -100 pts
2. allies win extra 100 pts
Empire wins extra artillery choice
3. brets win +1 dispel dice
High Elves +1 power dice
4. Empire wins, choice of Deployment
Lizards win, choice of deployment
5. wood elves win, up to 500 pts of wood elves may be included final battle
Vampire counts win +1 rare or special choice

Special Rules

High Elves and Empire are Tainted

Empire and High Elves may include one mage to cast from Necromancy, all others cast from lore of death. They may also field Vampire count heroes, according to the Vampire Count army book. They may have items as described in the book.
(this rule only applies to High Elves after Battle #3)

Empire and High Elves may not choose any special characters

Empire may not include a Helblaster and all other artillery is rare choice.
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