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As I was reading my morning share of Sir Arthus Conan Doyle, I came across a sentence in one of Holmes's later stories that inspired me to put the book down and consider something vastly more ridiculous and far-fetched than Holmes's admirable deduction process.

It was one of those dramatic moments for which my friend existed. It would be an overstatement to say that he was shocked or even excited by the amazing announcement. Without having a tinge of cruelty in his singular composition, he was undoubtedly callous from long over-stimulation. Yet, if his his emotions were dulled, his intellectual perceptions were exceedingly active.
If you're a reader of Sherlock Holmes and enjoy 40k, and now can't tell what I'm getting at, I suggest you read more of both tonight. But I'll elaborate further.

When we think of the Chaos Gods in 40k, we think of what kind of creatures and people like to gather in each category. I think there's nothing wrong in asserting that we've all thought at one point or another were we fall as individuals on the 40k warp continuum. Most of us are rather safely in the middle of our passions. Holmes is clearly not.

(Hardly relevant: Tzeentch is nerd, Khorne is a jock... yaddayaddayadda- ugh.)

I would resist thinking of Holmes as a balanced man, and if he were to be placed on the warp continuum, I would also trend him away from finding fascination with the complexities of Tzeentch, usually thought of as the scholar's choice. As much of a benefit would worshiping Tzeentch in 19th century London would bring :disdain:, it wouldn't do a thing for Holmes as while the God of Change is quite up to date on the latest turn of events, trying to apply logic deeper down the rabbit hole brings madness. Holmes would never resort to sorcery- in the 40k fantasy, he would likely disdain it.

Sherlock Holmes is clearly Champion of Chaos material. Oh yes, Holmes is quite the Slaaneshi apostle! I need not talk on the drug habit that fuels his need for constant stimulation- it's one of his lower points, and in the gratifying pursuit of excess in any form you desire, cocaine and heroine never need be resorted to. Slaanesh, if we go back to the 3.5 Codex, grants more than just the usual sex/nerve stimulation:
Many desire perfection, whether in the intellect, the body or in ability, and Slaanesh will grant these individuals the power and drive to hone their desires to the utmost excellence.
Sherlock has his art to pursue, and if he had somehow been plucked (ala the primarchs 'fore the Great Crusade) into the warp to the 40k universe, I have no doubt that the younger Sherlock in the canon would lay himself before Slaanesh. Even that older, more tempered, bee-keeping Sherlock would be sorely tempted- Watson would have to try his hardest to turn him away from that realm. *shudder*
It would be interesting to note what kind of personality would morph through the warp within Holmes. Would the desire for criminal conundrums abandon him, as for greater lengths he turns into the ideal criminal? Would he develop the most precise and fully fleshed schizophrenia, and provide himself a galactic Tyler Durden or Prof. Moriarty or battle against for his own pleasure? Would his apparent emotionless facade break down into the most appalling hedonism, as his mental simulations no longer compare to what Slaanesh can tickle him with?
Or does he eventually exhaust Slaanesh himself, and pick up the axe for Khorne? (I kid, I kid)

Furthermore, does anyone feel the urge to model a Sherlock Holmes Daemon Prince?

Well. *Sits back, lights pipe.* That was fun.

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With the amount of coke the original Sherolock Holmes was portaid at using to 'help him think' in the older incarnations, I can imagine that he can be very good pals ghost rider...Erhm I mean Doom rider.
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