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shooting Hellstrikes with lightnings

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A question for all the flyer users.

The rules state that your enemy can shoot at the flyer at any point along the vector which the plane flies across the board. So if you flew the plane straight along the middle of the board from your end to the opponents end then the chances are it would draw a lot of fire.
My question is, does the flyer need to fly in a straight line to the opposite end of the table, or could it fly in a straight line to the side edge of the table? That way you wouldnt be in range for the majority of the enemy army but because the fliers hellstrike missiles have an unlimited range they could still shoot at your main targets.

Is this allowed, or does the plane have to strictly fly off the opponents end of the table?


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It can fly anywhere it wants really. One thing that I do often, which really pisses my opponents off, is I fly them along the back of my own board edge, so they have a more difficult time of shooting at them. Since you don't add 12" to the range of your own fliers weapons, it's not too hard to hit things anywhere on your opponents side of the table. Not only that, but nothing blocks line of sight to your weapons. It's a really sweet deal, but do it too much and you won't have a lot of opponents left....

The only time that I fly right next to my opponents is when I'm dropping off some Stormtroopers right in their face.
Don't flyer weapons have some sort of firing arc? It's pretty hard to hit a target 90 degrees to your left with wing mounted missiles, or so my flight simulator experience tells me :)
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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