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The Dvl in Pale Moonlight
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Every time I've sold an army, or even just bits of it, I've felt regret at some point later on. I'd keep it if I were you. One day you will look over at that empty spot and wish they still were there.

As for daemons and their powerful nature it is very possible to make both fun and cool list without going overboard. I mean if you just skip the Greater daemon, and you've eased up the tension right there. Instead of going 2 x 5 hounds, you could go 8 hounds which oddly enough, while being the better choice in my experience it gets a better reception from your opponents. Flamers, while being useful you could just go with 3 and put them on harassment patrol or just have a look at the rest of the rare choices(bloodcrushers and Pleasureseekers being my favourites). In short, play daemons people arent used to see. Your armies will still be tough but your opponents are likely to see it as more of a challenge instead of going to default reaction and either calling cheese as you've deployed, muttering during the game or generally letting you know you're a cheesy git. Units I tend to avoid when making lists are Greater Daemons, special characters, flamers and stocking up on hound units. Still plenty to choose from and people will give you alot of positive feedback and credit for staying away from the stock cookie-cutter lists. There are of course people who've decided that Daemons are cheesy and broken no matter what but pay them no heed, some people just inherantly like to whine regardless of what it is.

So that is basicaly my way of dealing with the 'broken' nature of daemons(as well as my VC), and instead of repeating the same thing I pretty much summed up 'my way of playing daemons' : Here!

As for getting a new army, dont do it because it is cheap, do it because you like the army. I've tried the "economy class" before and I lost interest every time.
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