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What do you think of this sig?
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Thanks a like final fantasy alot, so i thought "why not have a sig of my fav. chractor?"
its a really nice sig.Better than mine anyway.
No man your's is great aswell ( just not as good as mine :p ) is that a panther in the center of the circle?. The back ground for your's is nice, i like the contrast between the grey and black.
Its the thundercats logo in the center.I really like the grey to black fade aswell.I havnt tried to put any words on it yet.have you any ideas?
Im not really sure to be honest. Ive got my name on mine cos i use this sig in the ps2 forum and since my name is on it, it wont be stolen. Inthe end its really what works for you. Try something and then post it up and see what feed back you get.
Thanks for the advice.I should really be giving you the advice though since you started this, but thanks anyway.Im going to try and get some text on mine by about the weekend.

Lol, yes the thread kinda switched round. Anyways what do you think you'll put on there, name, quote. Mines "outnumbered but never outgunned" but it didnt fir in wit hthe theme.
They usually edit pictures in programs like photoshop. Here's my old sig, I simply added some cool text from a similar program to photoshop.

You can't really see it here but the text has a flame effect and says- Disciples of The_Outsider
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Wow thats pretty impressive.

Sigs (and avatars) can be made using photoshop (as The outsider stated), or just simply by using the 'paint' program!
Although paint's variety is limited its a quick way to get a sig!

hey I can do that in my AV clss in my spare time thanks doods
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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