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Hey guys - have you seen this video?

It's a long one, but the guy actually discusses a lot of really interesting tactics for playing Age. It's pretty cool to see someone sharing this stuff.
Some of these things I've already found, for example - not taking the traditional "IGoUGo" mentality when choosing combat.

It's definitely a different game now, and in a way, there's even more to consider during your movement phase. Not just where do you go, but also what formation you take, how you're set up for piling in, etc.
I think that it's going to play very similarly to 40k. You're going to be doing a lot more planning "on the fly" turn by turn than what we used to do (I'm going to be in melee by TurnX, then this, then probably this other thing: no more).

What really got it for me though, was the ending. The idea of running "Combined Arms Units". He points out something that I've never considered - you can run combinations of units all the way up in Base/Base together. So you can have something like two units of 5 Chaos Warriors, shielding a bunch of Marauders who are all carrying Reach weapons, like a shield-wall. Or you could field "ranks" of 5 Warriors each, with each rank as an independent Scroll - thus minimizing the amount of models you lose from the Leadership mechanics.

In my next few games, I'm really hoping to explore some of these tactics a little more - particularly the use of formations like the Wedge, and combined units who can work together or "explode" in different directions. It really does go back to earlier editions, when you could form up in different shapes (Brets used to actually form triangles for their Lance formation) and you could split parts of your unit off to "lap around" in melee and so forth. Age does all of this in 4 pages of rules.

So, have you guys found any interesting tactics? Has anyone "come around" to playing Age of Sigmar yet, or are we all still just hate-mongering this game into the ground?
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