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Signatures can be used. If you don't want to see others sig, you can turn this off in your profile settings! (They can not be uploaded, so you will have to use your own webspace)

Info on making/editing your sig
  • Max 60,000 px (Example: 150x400px = 60,000px) Max height is 250px
  • Max 30kb (Remember those with dial up access)
  • Max 1 image in your signature
  • Text should be in small/10-12px size
  • Limit your text and use every line
  • Stick to a small and nice logo, not one that covers the whole screen..
  • Images should be aligned to the left (NOT centered)
Inappropriate content includes;
  • Work as a Top100 votebutton link
  • Advertisement on other forums/boards/webshops
  • Link to other forums/boards/webshops
  • Too large, or file size exceeds recommended size.
  • Pornographic, violent or otherwise offensive images, language etc. This may include racist remarks, slander etc...
  • If the avatar/signature is overly distracting, ie. bright flashing colors, animated sigs (i.e. GIF's/Flash)
  • No audio. These are distracting for our members.
  • Your signature may not advertise a competing site, or alternative to Librarium Online. This has been an issue lately. Staff are aware of it and will take action against any offending signatures we may see.
  • And of course, do not contain links to, or use your signature to link to pages that contain objectionable material. This includes, warez, crackz, pornography etc...
  • Please do not include signature links of a malicious nature. e.g. those that crash your browser, trigger popup floods or emulate BSOD's.
  • No copyrighted slogans/text from book/codices etc..
  • Do not use a lot of texts, quotes etc..

You are to find means of hosting your signature yourself via your ISP or a signature host, hosting a signature on the Librarium Online server is not permitted as it is misuse of our server resources. Do not use our gallery for hosting your sigs.

Help us out too. If you see something inappropriate, let us know (PM or 'Report to Moderator' feature works) and we will deal with it ASAP.

Sign up for image hosting here :

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Not open for further replies.