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Hello Empire peoples! Don't mind me, just drifting in from the Skavenblight to run some idea by your way!

Recently a Mordheim campaign has finished up, went rather splendidly actually and my Sisters of sigmar held their own and I really enjoyed it overall. Like really enjoyed them. So it's time to turn that little warband into a full blown army! I've got a few ideas on how to make this as a counts as army, stealing a little bit here and there from the Sisters of battle to plug any gaps in my lack of knowledge. Prepare for a lot of "Counts as" stuff here. Because those are two of my favourite words in the english language!

General overriding theme of the army is one of a small handful of Sisters of Sigmar stirring up anyone who will listen and then going to punch the (un)living daylights out of anything that they disagree with. Short and sweet. Sorta want to move away from directly having magic in the army as that doesn't sound it would fit in with the fluff and I already have a few armies that have magic in them and would like an alternative playing style to what I normally have (Yes, I do still love you dreaded thirteenth, I just think we should see other people)


The most obvious one here is Volkmar on a War alter, but instead of it being Volkmar it's the Leader of my warband after a few years and a serious promotion. Probably with a really big warhammer. On a mobile chapel, pulled by sinners and heretics (theres a few of my opponents characters that will fit here... >:D) and stuff like that, with a huge statue of Sigmar in place of the eagle. Plus, it would make for a really cool center piece for the army, which is nice.

And if I want to be boring I suppose I could just make her an arch lector. But then I don't get the pimp mobile... :(


St. Victoria! Allow me to introduce you to that one character that never seemed to fail, that always did exactly what you wanted them to do and kept on coming back for more. Sent out Vikky into the worst of the fights, into the hardest characters and she always seemed to come out on top, for reasons I just can't explain. At all. She didn't have anything special, not much in the skill department. I think the dice just liked her. Alot. So, if the dice like her then she must be a living saint, right? Right?! Because you can take that as a sign that Sigmar himself is watching. Cue this armies (if I am sorta making battle sisters in Fantasy) Saint Celestine. I'm aiming to make her capable of still going up against the hardest things possible and going through the other side. With wings. Probably a pegasus, Van Horstmanns speculum and an enchanted shield. Sadly this will probably mean that I have to take a captain instead of a Warrior priest, but hey, it should be worth it when she goes charging into a Bloodthirster and beats it into a pulp. I could, technically get away with a Wizard Lord with the same gear and still fit her into the Lords allowance and call the magic spells a prayer, but that feels a little odd...

Really I just want a Nun with wings and a big hammer hitting things and to create the "Oh crap!" look on my opponents face! Feel free to come up with a better option for those with the experience. So long as I get my girl I'm okay :D

Oh and the odd warrior priest, just to get a few more of my Mordheim characters in there. I guess.

And a BSB of some description. Not quite sure what said description is.... Maybe like the reliquary from the Brettonians?


What happens when you let fanatic zealots talk to a gullible population?! You get an army of crazy peasants of course! Just spearmen after spearmen, a big solid block of 40 or so led by one of the warrior priests. Grab a smaller unit of halbardiers to hold each of the flanks and theres the core of the army. Pretty standard, and whats to be expected. What isn't (hopefully) quite so obvious will be the inner circle knights. I pan on getting a few Space Marine centurions and using them to make mini-repentia engines. No idea just how they will work in the fluff (just seven secret Nuln herbs and spices) but they will look pretty cool and give me my first hammer unit in this discussion. Will probably give them giant hammers to use rather than Lances to represent the attacks from the suit, and the horse can be the random flailing from the pilot.

Hell, if I can get to use the armoured handgunner rules from Forgeworld I could get some Novice Sisters in here, which would be as close to actual Adeptus Sororitas in here as you could get.


Greatswords = Great hammers. Make them armoured Sisters of sigmar carrying warhammers about. No idea about what to do for models, but this one is sorta sticking out at the moment. Stick another warrior priest in here and choose a back up unit (swordsmen?) to act as "atoned". Basically the common citizen repenting for their actions by going full force into the fight in full view of the sisterhood to make sure that their death is witnessed. Add a few more greatsword units to act as suicide bombs (because I like doing that) and there's plenty of plate armoured nuns walking about the field!

Repentia. And this is where the army is really going to start sounding like sticking Sisters of battle into Warhammer. Probably. But use the repentia models (maybe....) and replace their Eviscerators with flails and we now have some Repentia, just because no army with this theme is right without some total insane nut jobs to make the rest of the crazy people seem sane. Plus, I really like the Repentia models and I have never had an excuse to actually use them in an army. Hell, looking at the Repentia models I could probably get away with calling them Engineering shenanigans and call it done, their chainswords running out of fuel after the first round of combat and need to be topped up later on.

Probably Sisters mounted on Demigryph knights. Just because I think it sounds cool. And it will add some extra speed and punch to the army. And, one other thing to remember is that it will add some height to the army when it's viewed from a distance which will make things more interesting over the army.


I need more penitent engines! Enter the steam Walker tank thing. Yeah. Well, i've got a load of technological know wots in the army already, so I may aswell go whole hog and make myself a steam punk nemesis dreadknight. With a huge brass cannon and massive warhammer, with the worst of the Heretics in the empire strapped to the front.
How do the sisters afford to have something like this commissioned? Err.... ahhh..... Look! It's the goodyear blimp! (IE - I have no clue, just roll with it!)

Would love some impact from you guys on this as I am not too good on the Empire fluff point and the information regarding the sisters is scant at best from what I've found.
And thanks for reading such a long, loooong damn post from a madman with too much time on his hands!

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I'll start off by saying I don't have much experience playing with an empire army, but I do love the fluff and Mordheim too so I'm going to put my 2 cents in.

First off, from a fluff point of view, the Sisters didn't really survive Mordheim as an order. The church of Sigmar hushed them up not long after, which means from a technology point of view they wouldn't have access to the steampunk stuff (remembering Mordheim happened a long time before the current FB timeline). However, that doesn't need to stop anyone!

If it was me, I'd be personally styling the army as a monastic force. Use swords instead of spears (they can be Men at arms or retainers - the bretonnian men at arms models would suit this perfectly) and last a bit longer with the parry save.

Captains and Warrior Priests as your senior sisters - could even through in a witch hunter too.

BSB - why not the auger model? She could be a "living icon" with an inspiring presence as opposed to a big ol' flag.

Personally, due to models, I'd be limiting the number of actual nuns to character models and unit leaders (plus rare units like the demigryphs) with the rest being the monastaries standing army/men at arms/militant order etc. Would definitely make it easier to collect. But other than that, it sounds really cool.
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