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Sisters of Slaanesh

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I saw on the GW website someone had made an Emperor's CHildren army with Sisters as troops, now I wouldn't want to make my whole army like this, but maybe one squad of six with CC weapons. Is this all good and everything? I mean they do have power armour already,so is this legal? Do you have to do major converting or is it OK? I was thinking just to give them chaos backpacks. And maybe file off any Inquisitorial symbols they may have. I'm not super familiar with the models. I do however want my army to be all WYSIWYG.
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I think this is a fairly common thing, and I'd have no problems with it.
No problems.. The only forseeable thing is the marine statline. And where the hell they come from.
If you have an account on bolter and chainsword there is an article there about customising your own legions etc. and one of the points raised was about sisters posing as noise marines. After some notes on how to change the fleur-de-lys into a slaanesh-looking symbol, it said that although a good idea in principle, you have to go about it in a way that was not too unbelievable, both fluff, gaming and model-wise. The ideal solution, IMO, would be to use sisters models in garish colour schemes to claim to be EC marines but on the table they would use the regular WH rules. Pretending that they are actual Slaaneshi marines is verging on proxy cheatingness (I really don't know how to explain it, its the same as the ork looted vehicle thing).

So, if you were to do this, having just one squad of them would look out-of-place. I wouldn't demand you remove them from the table and use something else, but I wouldn't agree with it wholy myself.
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The_Giant_Mantis said:
No problems.. The only forseeable thing is the marine statline. And where the hell they come from.
Slaanesh is the most bizare oriented of the god, and I wouldn't be surprise to see marine that chose to change sex as a new trip or that would mutate to androginie under slaanesh influence. Why not. But I would rather use Dark Elves witch from fantasy to model them instead of sister of battle as they look too clean.
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