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skaven help

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Hello again!

after i have been a retard, i did use army builder to make a list that i think was awesome haha!
But then i did see it was using 6ed at 7ed books.. it was crap for me haha!

here is the new list i did make from the Newst book..
I will be playing 1500pts whit my friends that is Dark Elf and High Elf..
whit this Army list i get like 1391 pts.

so i am missing like 110pts i think. What do u think i shall improve whit my list as this is my first time i am making a list on my own. And whit my own army.

Cheiften Foul Pendant,Biting blade,Enchanted shield +5 ward save and +3 armor save. -1 armor sv @ 97 pts
1 Warlock engi L2 Wizard, Condenser, Rocket @ 150 pts
2 Warlock engi L1 2x Dispell Scrolls @ 115

30 Slaves @ 60pts
30 Slaves @ 60pts
25 Slaves @ 50pts
25 Clanrats @ Shields, Full Command, Warpfire Thrower @ 207pts
25 Clanrats @ Shields, Full Command, Warpfire Thrower @ 207pts

25 Plague Monks Full command, Bringer of the word @ 200pts
3 Warplock jezzails @ 60pts
9 Plauge Censer Bearers @ 144pts

Doomwheel @ 150pts
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I really think that you should look at slaves as distraction units. Build your army and then add some slaves as ablative units rather than using them as a mainstay unit. They're just too fragile to expect anything of.

Of course, making those units smaller doesn't save so many points as slaves are so cheap cheap. You could of course have a go at running Rats instead as these guys are nice and cheap and don't immediately evaporate when beaten in combat.

I like the Chieftan build. Decent punch for under 100 points.

What like that receipt for a screaming bell and a rat ogre you lost last week?

1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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