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Hi all. It's been quite a while since I was here. Got a daughter three months ago, so I've been busy to say the least.

I re-read the Codex: Space Marines the other day and my eye fell on a picture of a CSM renegade theme called Skyrars Dark Wolves and I suddenly felt the urge to build a renegade Space Wolves army (hearing the distant roar of Khorne somewhere deep back in my mind)
I Googled them and found these two stories:
Fluff for Skyrar's Dark Wolves - The Bolter and Chainsword : A 40k Space Marine Resource

Have you heard anything else about the Dark Wolves and what are your thoughts about the theme?

EDIT: I've now started a thread in the Projects forum. You'll find it here.

Best regards/
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Well, those stories have an interesting premise, but being fan-made they are somewhat low-quality writing and have some glaring fluff inconsistencies (Ulrik going renegade? I highly doubt it).

As far as the Dark Wolves being led by a Wulfen, I don't think that would work. The insignia given by GW is a monstrously mutated wolf head, with a crest of spines and a forked tongue. That would indicate some serious Chaotic influence, and the Wulfen of the 13th Company are still ultimately loyal to the Chapter and the Emperor--they're not influenced by Chaos. They also don't have crests, spines or forked tongues, as their mutations are more in the way of hair and fangs, like real, "clean" wolves instead of twisted Chaotic beasts.

Going off of that, I would think the Dark Wolves are Space Wolf renegades aligned with Chaos, probably with Khorne given the Space Wolves' nature. Space Wolves have gone renegade before, like during the story in the CSM codex about Huron Blackheart's attack on their battle-barge. A few of them betrayed the defenders in the starboard gun decks, giving Huron the opportunity to completely seize the vessel. The story says that in return for their treachery, Huron inducted them into the Red Corsairs and gave them control of the ship.

It's possible that Skyrar's Dark Wolves might be those same traitorous Space Wolves. But since Huron only attacked the battle-barge in the first place because he needed the ship for his own fleet, it's doubtful that he would have let them take it so far away from the Maelstrom. It's also possible that the machinations of the Thousand Sons allowed a few Space Wolves on Fenris to be corrupted; who knows? Any way you spin it, you could come up with some interesting ideas.

Edit: Forgot to say--Congratulations on becoming a father!

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I'm more inclined to believe that Skyrar is a cursed Wolf Lord.
He have been battling with his Wulfen curse for ages but when his ship and great company was lost in the warp the Chaos Powers forced the curse open in his body. As a chaos-wulfen many of his great company refused to follow him, especially the Wolf Priests who openly spat insults at him, so he had to rally those still loyal to him and kill those who were not. On his eventual return to Fenris he was disgraced by the Chapter and just evaded execution. Now the Space Wolves Chapter try to hide the loss of the great company from the Inquisition, lest they be forced to open up the Fang for investigation.

The Space Wolves have sent a secret punitive crusade after Skyrar and his renegade Dark Wolves, but have yet to find their lair. Now the renegade leader make his living as a pirate and try to rebuild his shattered Great Company in the hope of one day return to Fenris and claim absolution or find revenge for the wrongs he has endured.
Every year more and more individual renegade Space Wolves flock to his banner, and he welcomes them into his Company, recognising their wounded pride and strengthening his own army of Wolves.

But can Skyrar shield and protect his loved Great Company from it's greatest threat - the threat from within? More and more warriors succumd to maddening bloodlust and uncontrollable Wulfen mutations every campaign. His only solution so far is to sacrifice them on the altar of battle, but all do not die...

Skyrar - Chaos Lord or Daemon Prince
Dark Wolves - CSM
The Maddening Bloodlust - Khorne Berzerkers
Uncontrollable Wulfen mutations - Possessed CSM

Still working on the fluff.
Any ideas of how to develop the Saga of Doomed Skyrar and his Darkened Company?

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I know that the Dark Wolves are renegade and all that, but I'm wondering if you've considered trying out the Space Wolf dex. Might be a good way to get some variety in your games (which I only suggest because I get bored with the chaos codex sometimes).

All Lexicanum has is this -
(And even then, the painted model doesn't seem to look like the one I remember from the codex)

Otherwise, I think it's cool that you're trying something like this. I'll keep an eye on this thread as I'd love to see how some of the painted models turn out and what kind of Icons and warband symbols you come up with.

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That Lexicanum picture isn't representative. The Dark Wolves have Grey armour and shoulderguards with steel trim and some red details. Maybe I'll put red trim on the Bloodlusters (Berzerkers) and red foots / hands / grilles... I'll do some modelling now and see what I come up with.

The idea is that I will be able to use the army and models with both the CSM codex and the Space Wolves codex to represent different periods in their fall. The Space Wolves rules can be used just when they rebell against their chapter and the CSM codex is used when they seek their revenge on their loyalist brethren.

In image they will look like Space Wolves crossed with some Chaos armour. I'll use WHFB Marauder horsemen heads because they look more fierce and wild, but mostly because I don't like the space wolves bare heads.

Keep an eye out later this evening (Swedish time) as I'll post my first try-outs. I'll will start with 20 marines, blending a SW and a CSM box.

In those cases I have the right parts I will put a Space Wolf badge on the left pauldron and a Chaos badge on the left. With all Space Wolf legs I will put a Chaos torso and vice versa.

Ah, done with that part...
Starting on the weapons now. Is meltagun all around good, or should I take some plasma and flamers? As it is right now I'm going to field 3 squads of CSM (Dark Wolves) with dual melta. Should I take 1 squad with dual flamer for crowd control? Advice needed dearly.

Okay, this is what I managed to do tonight. With a demanding baby and girlfriend I ust can't push myself as hard as I used to do. I hope you like the pictures.

I will probably make a Project Log in the Painting and Modelling section for this Dark Wolves Project. I think I'll even put the links in my signature box so you'll find it easy.


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And so the Project Log is up and running.
The link is in my signature field.
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