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Well, those stories have an interesting premise, but being fan-made they are somewhat low-quality writing and have some glaring fluff inconsistencies (Ulrik going renegade? I highly doubt it).

As far as the Dark Wolves being led by a Wulfen, I don't think that would work. The insignia given by GW is a monstrously mutated wolf head, with a crest of spines and a forked tongue. That would indicate some serious Chaotic influence, and the Wulfen of the 13th Company are still ultimately loyal to the Chapter and the Emperor--they're not influenced by Chaos. They also don't have crests, spines or forked tongues, as their mutations are more in the way of hair and fangs, like real, "clean" wolves instead of twisted Chaotic beasts.

Going off of that, I would think the Dark Wolves are Space Wolf renegades aligned with Chaos, probably with Khorne given the Space Wolves' nature. Space Wolves have gone renegade before, like during the story in the CSM codex about Huron Blackheart's attack on their battle-barge. A few of them betrayed the defenders in the starboard gun decks, giving Huron the opportunity to completely seize the vessel. The story says that in return for their treachery, Huron inducted them into the Red Corsairs and gave them control of the ship.

It's possible that Skyrar's Dark Wolves might be those same traitorous Space Wolves. But since Huron only attacked the battle-barge in the first place because he needed the ship for his own fleet, it's doubtful that he would have let them take it so far away from the Maelstrom. It's also possible that the machinations of the Thousand Sons allowed a few Space Wolves on Fenris to be corrupted; who knows? Any way you spin it, you could come up with some interesting ideas.

Edit: Forgot to say--Congratulations on becoming a father!
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