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Slaanesh Bikes Rock

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Is it just me or are slaanesh bikes the best in the game.

Ok, you get a chaos bike which is 2 points more than a SM version, yet has an extra attack, IMO making an enormous difference. Basically makes them a valid CC threat. Then, for Slaanesh, they are fearless and strike first(usually). Plus they are fast, great for summoning daemons, can have a tooled up AC, and the best part, the absolute best part, for 2 measly points you can turn their sorry bolters, that get one shot a turn, into 3 shot beasts. Move and shoot, 3 shots. Sure they are expensive, but I think used right just lay out the damage. I can't think of much else at 41 points that can do what these can. Versitile as hell and able to get where you need them.

Are twelve too many? I can't see why not, especially when I am all about fast, and Rhinos are useless, Land Raiders are too expensive, Infiltrate can be lost points in 2/3 of the missions, and I can't have raptors.
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No, the realization you've come to is known to a those observant ones of us. Slaanesh bikes are the shizznit, and thats the way it is.
That is true. Slaaneshi bikers are always included in my Emperors Children army. They are wicked fast, pack a punch in melee, shoot very well and summon the sexiest daemons. Whats not to love about that?

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